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Apr 2012
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I am going to pick up a few gallons of cider from the local farm today. Its unpasteurized. I am going to throw it in my 5g carboy, sprinkle some yeast and throw an airlock on the top. Any other suggestions with this method? And what kind of yeast is best with cider? I would like a cider that isnt so dry like wine.

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I like Nottingham ale yeast when I make cider.

Most cider, if all you do is take juice and add wine or ale yeast, will be dry because the yeast will eat up all the apple sugars. For a semi-sweet or semi-dry cider method, take a look at - a great resource for a new cider maker!

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Feb 2012
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You can read the sticky by CvilleKevin in this cider forum and it may help. But like Pappers, Notty is my fave. I have a batch going now with S-04 and seems very similar to Nottingham. Those two yeasts seems to leave some good flavor behind in the cider.

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gratus fermentatio
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+ 1 on both Nottingham ale yeast & civillekevin's sticky.
Regards, GF.

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Nov 2011
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EC-1118 champagne yeast, S-23 lager yeast, and S-05 ale yeasts are my favorites.
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Gotta give another vote for Nottingham, with Safale S-04 a close 2nd.
Originally Posted by Shooter View Post
Oh, and get a hydrometer. Psychic brewing is great and all, but hard numbers get rid of MUCH of the guess work.
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Oct 2011
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Depends what you're after in the finished product. Obviously can't go wrong with Nottingham for an all purpose yeast. High alcohol I would say lalvin ec-1118.

I've made an Apple champagne and liked the montrachet yeast but its a bitch to clear up.

Good higher alcohol yeast I've used are red star premiere cuvee and cotes de blanc but there's something off about then I can't put my finger on. It could just be the cane sugar I used to prime with.

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