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Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but... smoked ribs soup!

Last night I tossed a couple of racks of smoked ribs into a crock pot with some water and let it go overnight. (I smoked a ton of ribs and they had been in the fridge for over a week).

This morning I stripped the meat and put it back into the pot with some carrots, celery, onions, and a cup of pearled barley. Hmmmm. Actually the whole house just smells like smoked ribs now. Delish. I've got a couple of loafs of homemade rosemary bread to eat with it. Yowsa.
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Pulled pork reheats greatcin a crock pot with a little chicken broth.

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I have had awesome success with vacuum sealed bags of pulled pork tossed in a pot of water and treated like a boil-in bag. The main difference is that the bark is all soft, but no real way to avoid it. The flavor is all there and the aroma fills the kitchen as soon as the bag is cut open. This method keeps it from burning or drying out, good stuff!
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I usually do my pork and take it out of my smoker at least an hour before serving time and put it in a table top roaster oven where I pull it apart and put apple cider vinegar and perhaps some some left over (clean) rub into the mix and let it rest at low heat for a while (180-200) I heard this called rendering? I like what the cider does to the meat it gives it a kick.
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If you're smoking the same day you are serving, you can wrap the butt in foil then wrap it in heavy towels then put it in an ice chest. The foil, towels and ice chest will insulate and keep it warm for several hours.
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Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
I usually vacuum seal in 1 pound portions before freezing. When I want to eat some, I fill a deep frying pan with water and heat it to simmer and I drop the bag in. The moisture has nowhere to go. Obviously you don't want this to boil, but it works out well.
I do this too but sometimes add in a small ice cube of apple juice, hot sauce, and AC vinegar into to bag before vacu sealing it.

I normally add that mixture to pulled pork before serving anyway and this just makes it easier.
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I was wrong

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Originally Posted by msh227 View Post
I'm new to smoking and got a couple basic questions.

First what is the best way to re-heat meat after it is finished smoking? We are having a little party this coming Saturday and I would like to do pulled pork but have it finished before people show up. What is the best way to re-heat the pork without drying it out? Slow cooker with sauce? Oven?

Also, I'm assuming the answer is going to be yes but is it possible to over smoke something and dry it out??
This may have already been mentioned but this best way I have found to reheat BBQ is a bit of steam. I add a bit of water and the meat to a plate or bowel, cover with some plastic wrap and nuke it for a bit (it doesn't take that much time).

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When ever we reheat pulled pork, we put it a pan with just a little beer, cover it with foil and heat it through in the oven. Turns out great every time.
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