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Apr 2012
San Diego, California
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Hi all! So here is what I did, and any pro feedback would be appreciated. I made a Stone Arrogant bastard clone as my first beer and I transferred it into the corny today, it tasted okay, just like old flat bitter ale. I used 2oz's of a Amirrilo/Simco blend of hop pellets in a hop bag to dry hop. I was under the impression you just leave it in your keg for the life of the 5 gallon batch. I was eager to taste my beer so I force carbonated it at 25psi, shook it for 100 seconds, disconnected and let sit for 1 hour. I then bled my pressure off and I now have it sitting at 8psi in the fridge. I made my first pour shortly after the bleed and it was all foam (SMELLED GREAT!!!!) after the foam settled down a bit there was a fine grainy sediment which i believe were the hops after being beaten down in the force carbonation. This is my question, or questions...

SHould I leave it be?

Should I let the sediment settle and transfer to a new corny to leave the remains behind?

Should I take the hops out at a certain point?

Did I do this right? Or did I completely make a bonehead move?

Thanks in advance guys, any feedback is greatly appreciated... Cheers!

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Nov 2011
Salem, Massachusetts
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Usually when people dry hop, they transfer the beer from their primary fermenter after a week or two to a secondary fermenter (usually a carboy) where they add the dry hops and then leave it for another 2 weeks or so. From there when the beer is done they transfer it to a bottling bucket. The point of the bottling bucket as an intermediary is that you basically decant off the beer leaving the trub in your fermenter instead of in your beer. Then you transfer the beer into it's final container, in this case your keg.

Even though you can carbonate and serve it immediately in a Keg, the beer is still green and it will take a few weeks for it to condition while anything else left in suspension (yeast, dissolved pellets, ect) will settle out.

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May 2011
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I dry hop right in my primary (I use buckets). Be sure fermentation is done, then I just toss the hops in a strainer bag from home depot and let it sit for another 5-7days. Then I pull out the bag and I cold crash for a day. If you can't do that, just let it sit for another day or so for any floaties to settle. Transfer to keg and you are good to go. My beers come out very clear and I never use a secondary. I did dry hop in the corny once cause I was pressed for time. It works fine, but you will have floaties. Also there is concern that if the hops sit in the keg for too long the beer can take on a grassy flavor. I Would think whether or not to leave them in for the life of the keg will depend on how fast you drink it and how intense a taste you are looking for.

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Apr 2011
Farmington, NM
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I've dry hopped with pellets in a keg once before, and hated myself for doing it. I wound up taking the beer tube out 7 or 8 times to unplug it. you may wanna wait the week you would normally dry hop and rack it into another keg. Side note: I have dry hopped in a keg with leafs (just tossed them in and racked onto them) and had no problems at all.

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I dryhop in the keg, and it works great. The sediment and stuff came from shaking the keg. I don't shake. I keg and let it settle, and then in a few days pour off the first three ounces of so of yeast/sediment/sludge and the rest of the keg is nice clear beer (as long as you don't move the keg and resuspend the sludge).

As long as the hops are contained in bags, it's fine.
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May 2010
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I just put my dry hops in a 1/2-filled hop ball and drop the ball in. Viola, hop flavor and aroma with no sediment.
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Apr 2009
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Yeah, shaking is probably where most of the problem started. Give the keg a few days at a cold temp to settle things out, then you should be able to get rid of a decent amount of the loose sediment in the first pint or two that you can dump and drink cleaner beer. I've not tried pellets in a keg but leaf worked great for me. You will want to watch, though, if your beer is still foamy or comes out slower than usual, your diptube/post might be clogged with hop stuff. If it happens, just depressurize the keg, unscrew the post and pull it and the dip tube out, clean, sanitize, replace, and continue drinking as usual!

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Sep 2011
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I also dry hop in the keg. I don't use pellets very often but last time I did. Problem is that they sink and I don't want them sitting in there the whole time so I hung the bag with some dental floss. The seal worked fine and was able to get them out no problem

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Feb 2009
Green Country Oklahoma
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I have used a ziptie to hold hopbag to the diptube, worked great. killed the keg in two weeks so they were in it the whole time. I also used cones

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Old 05-02-2012, 07:20 AM   #10
Apr 2012
San Diego, California
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I am happy to report that my beer turned out excellent. The guys at the home brew mart thought I was crazy for doing a tough beer as my first, but all went well. Drank 2 glasses tonight and knowing it was mine provided immense personal satisfaction. Cheers guys, and thanks for the feedback. I will prob pull the hops at 7 days, I have them suspended in the bag by thread.

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