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My first brew, a basic extract w/ steeped grains and some fresh basil from our garden, was fan-freakin-tastic. I brought it to our extended family reunion party thing, and I got nothing but complements.

My 2nd brew was a steam Maibock. Really nice and malty. The 3rd was a mango-peach wit, and it turned out really good, except for the gushing.

Then I hit a streak where all my brews tasted weird...sourish, greenish, extracty. I think it was a combination of the dry yeast, not enough bitterness, and high fermentation temps.

Then I had a couple batches get infected in the bottle, and the guy who taught me how to brew got worried that I had some kind of problem in my brewhouse...but I've been making excellent stuff other than that, so I think it was a fluke.

I've made a couple REALLY harsh dark brews lately, and got pretty discouraged because I really had been craving a good stout. But I just revised my game plan WRT dark beers (I was using WAY too much dark roasted malts), and I'm back on track.

It's really a roller-coaster ride, this brewing thing, because you're always experimenting. I've made 37 batches since I started brewing 11 months ago...and it's a trial-and-error process, as it should be. As such, not every batch is gonna rock faces...especially when, like me, you craft all your own recipes (for the most part), rather than following tried-and-true recipes/kits from someone else. But the great part is that through this trial and error, I've come up with a handful of recipes that are awesome...and this process narrowing down the field is really fulfilling. What I really want to do is perfect 10 or 15 recipes for various styles, and always have some of whatever they are laying around. Doesn't mean I won't continue to experiment, though...
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Originally Posted by brewt00l
What do you attribute the problems too?
Batch 1 = Didn't account for boil off and picked a bad recipe, too malty. Burned extract
Batch 2 = Better recipe, not a bad beer, still burned the extract
Batch 3 = Burned the PISS out of the extract. Had to get a power sander to get it off the bottom of my brew kettle. Last time using LME. Also tried to do a partial mash on the stove without a mashtun.
Batch 4 = Only one I can't really say. Bad recipe? Beer doesnt taste funky, just doesn't taste good!
Batch 5 = my IPA, Yummy.
Batch 6 = my wife's pale ale, not a clone of manny's, but is still good.
Batch 7 / 8, Just bottled, we'll see. Fingers crossed.

I've been refining my process with every batch, but it takes a while for batches to be 'ready' so I can't always know if my process changes are helping. My most recent 'version' of my process (now using a mash tun), which started with batch #5, has so far produced one sub-par beer. A day before I wrote the thread, it had only produced one good beer, and 2 bad ones, when I posted, I was actually posting to say that I WAS getting discouraged, but my beer turned out and my 'process' was vindicated as actually working.

Its great to hear more of your guys's stories, makes me feel better that I didn't come out of the gate making good beer

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Feb 2007
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Batch 1 and 2: extract + grain kits - pretty good, not great but good
Batch 3: Partial mash Batch 4: first AG - both really good, 4 is my favorite so far
Batch 5 and 6: AG session beers - good, 6 a wit is very popular with friends and family
Batch 7: AG porter - This one the judgment is still out. It hasn't carbonated after a month in the bottle and has some harsh graininess to it. However I have hope that with time both problems will be corrected. This was an experiment where I used equal parts, Brown, Amber and Pale Malt. I think I'll stick to more traditional recipes for a while. Ofcourse I already have an Imperial Stout planned using Trappist yeast and Belgian grains


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Brewing Clamper
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I've been lucky in that I've made mostly good beer. I have however, hit a slump before where 3 brews in a row were bad. That blew donkey, but I didn't feel like I would give up, I just went back to a recipe that I knew was good and brewed that. That gave me the confidence to experiment again. So now, I make one tried & true good brew, then one experimental... that's my pattern now... works for me!

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i've only ran into my first wall recently with three wheat batches taking forever to carbonate using Briess DME...first batch is finally drinkable though so i think they'll come around. Other than that, i've thrown out only one batch because i couldn't get it to finish fermentation...stopped at like 1.040. All the other's have been pretty good and a few fantastic ones.

Jury's still out on my Gulden Draak.
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I've had a couple of batches that disappointed (ESB most recently), but I've never been close to giving up. Lots of good beer, lots of good feedback, and such a supportive community as this? Nah, I ain't quitting, never thought about quitting.
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Monster Mash
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I quit brewing for 2 years because I had a run of 4 bad batches. I found out the problem was due to using bleach for a sanitizer. I switched to iodophor and my beer was good again.
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Turkeyfoot Jr.
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I have 14 batches under my belt. I can't say that all of them have been spectacular but all have at least been drinkable and some, like the honey wheat that's ready right now, have been very good. And I'm still on simple extract with steeped grain recipes, I can't wait to get into PM and AG.
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