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Aug 2006
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So, a group from us from our homebrew club are getting together to brew a batch for the AHA Big Brew for National Homebrew Day on May 5.


The concept is simple...as a sign of unity, homebrewers throughout the country (and abroad) get together and brew a common beer, on the same day, at the same time. Our plan is to double the recipe, and send half off with another person to ferment, and I'll keep half to ferment myself.

Here's the rub; this year's recipe is a brown ale (see recipe below)...and I already have a brown on tap. So, I'm looking for options to modify my portion of the batch, while still abiding to the intent of the Big Brew Day.

Any ideas?
Dry Hop? What kind of hops? How much?


Bucksnort Brown Ale Extract
American Brown Ale
Recipe for 5.25 gallons (19.8 L)

7.25 lb pale malt extract syrup (3.29 kg)
8 oz 90˚ L crystal malt (227 g)
8 oz 60˚ L crystal malt (227 g)
6.5 oz chocolate malt (184 g)
1 oz black patent malt (28 g)
1 oz Willamette whole hops, 5.7% a.a. (21 g) (80 min)
0.75 oz Willamette whole hops, 5.7% a.a. (21g) (30 min)
1.25 oz Mt Hood whole hops, 6.1% a.a. (35 g) (15 min)
0.75 oz Willamette whole hops, 5.7% a.a. (21 g) (5 min)
1 tablet Whirlfloc or 0.75 tsp (3 g) Irish moss (15 min)
2 pkgs Wyeast No. 1056 American ale yeast, Safeale US-05, or White Labs WLP001

Brewers Specifics
Steep grains in 2.5 gallons (11.4 L) of water at 160-170 F (71-77 C) for 30 minutes. While removing grains, rinse with 0.5 gallon of hot water, then add extract, dissolving completely. Bring to a boil. Add hops at specified intervals from end of boil. Chill wort, remove hops and transfer to sanitized fermenter. Add 2-3 gallons (7.6-11.4 L) of pre-boiled and chilled water for a total volume of 5.25 gallons (19.8 L). Pitch the yeast when wort reaches 65-67 F (18-19 C). Secure air lock or blow-off tube. Ferment at 66-68 ⁰F (20-21 ⁰C). Keg at 2.4 volumes of CO₂ or bottle carbonate with 3.7 oz (105 g) corn sugar.

Boil Time: 80 min
Original Gravity: 1.058
Final Gravity: 1.014
SRM: 22
IBU: 38

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Apr 2011
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Anyone have any thoughts on this? I also have two 5 gallons shares of this recipe fermenting away. I'd like to do something with 5 gallons to make it a little different. Was thinking about a dry hop but i don't really have any of the kettle hops and I'd hate to just throw something random in there.

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Aug 2006
Williamsport, Pa
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I've decided to dry hop with 1.5 oz of Nugget.

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