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Name him after the legendary "Edwort". Just say the hospital peeps messed up with the spelling :d
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Originally Posted by BierMuncher View Post

“Get your beer off the yeast cake on day 7 or your beer will crawl out of the fermenter and eat your youngest child”

“Your beer will be the equivalent of rhinoceros urine unless it sits on the primary yeast cake for at least 4 weeks.”

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I knew I could count on you all for some entertaining feedback. I think my wife damn near went into labor she was laughing so hard while reading some of the posts.
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Originally Posted by Focus View Post
I second Cooper and Kent. Kent actually works two ways: hops and Burton on- famous brewing region.
That's Burton on Trent, not Kent
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We had given thought to "Easton" (baseball/softball) if we were having a boy. We had a girl.
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My name is also Brown, I don't know if it was chance but my full name is:
Eugene Simon Brown -> the initials ESB Extra Special Bitter and I love the stuff! good luck to you both!

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Originally Posted by Airborneguy View Post
My second daughter is due August 9. She's gonna be Vienna. My wife said yes immediately because she's a classical pianist so Vienna has meaning for her too. It helps also that one of Billy Joel's greatest songs is Vienna too.
I love the name, but I have to admit, being born and bred in the South, that the European city wasn't the first thing I thought of. Except I also had to re-pronounce the name in my head the "proper" way first, too.

In the South, "Vienna" is typically associated with a particular brand of canned sausages. And pronounced "VIE-enney". I'm not sure why. And I know it is wrong...just hard to shake what you grew up with sometimes. I hope this isn't bad news for you, but better to know now than later if it is, I suppose.
Jill Mc

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no, that's fine. We have Vienna sausages up here too. Actually my wife knows two Viennas and I believe I went to school with one. Both of my daughters names are real names, just ones that are no longer common. I'm not one for strange, made up names.
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Kent is a common name in my family. I have a cousin named Kent, and it's my brother's middle name. I always liked it.

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What bugs me is not made up names but made up stupid spellings.

dan'Elle, Genifur, and Suzen are all normal names with mentally handi-capable spellings.

Even if Vienna wasnt a real name, I'd accept it so long as it wasnt Veeyena. I have absolutely no idea why this topic stresses me out so much.
See, that's where the real story is.
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