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Apr 2012
St. Louis, MO
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For most of my sanitization (except for when I'm bottling, for which I use star-san to save time) I've been doing bleach water soaking. Basically soaking the items in bleach water (bucket fermenters, tubing, thermometers when cooling wort to pitch temp, etc) and then rising them in plain tap water. I also soak my bottles in bleach water/rinse with regular before using them to sanitize them and make it easier to pry the labels off.

I worry that using regular tap water to rinse poses a threat to contaminating the items, leading to no good infections. Could I just let these items air dry instead of the extra rinse step? If I do just air dry, has anyone had any issues with off flavors or stuff not fermenting properly?

I'm curious if it matters how strong the bleach to water ratio is. I haven't been precise in this area, usually just put enough bleach to cover most of the bottom of the bucket and then topping off with around 3-4 gallons of tap water.

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Mar 2012
Charlotte, Nc
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i always use 2 cups of bleach to 5 gallons of water. never had any problem. I always air dry my botttles and no problems.

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Jun 2010
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Why do you not use star-san all the time?
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IMO, chlorine and beer do not mix well. Rinse it well, then sanitize with Starsan.

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Aug 2011
raleigh, nc
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Star San - solves the problem.
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Jan 2012
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I have always used iodine and it has never given me a problem. No rinse and let air day.... There can be some residual fluid in the bottles from sanitizing nothing negative has occurred. It is water soluble..

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Originally Posted by Clann View Post
Why do you not use star-san all the time?
That was my thought.
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Bleach is cheap and effective. I use 1 tbsp per gallon, I don't rinse and I've never had a problem.

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Nov 2010
ohmihachiman, Japan
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Originally Posted by brockettbrews View Post
i always use 2 cups of bleach to 5 gallons of water. never had any problem. I always air dry my botttles and no problems.
Wow, way too much IMO.

OP, if you use the bleach vineagar combination, it's a no rinse solution. I always let it air dry, though. Two Tablespoons bleach, then 2 of vineager in five gallons.

See this thread

post #7
"I thought I remembered that Charlie Talley said one ounce of bleach and vinegar, so I went back to the podcast to check, and sure enough it is one ounce, not one tablespoon. One fluid ounce would be two tablespoons of bleach and two tablespoons of vinegar per five gallons of water."
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1 food grade bucket (they are white) and translucent lid from Home Depot is $7 total. While you are there grab a refillable spray bottle for another $2. Rinse bucket + bottle out well with clean tap water.

Make Starsan in bucket, fill spray bottle, put lid on bucket.

Starsan keeps for a VERY long time. It is not a submersion NRS it is a contact NRS meaning if your spray bottle can "mist it 1 or 2 times" it is sanitized. I literally sanitize 95% of everything with my spray bottle. I dip the pre-cleaned hoses/tubes and racking canes into the the bucket only because of the ease to do it that way.

I have had the same bottle of Starsan for over 2 years and am just running out now. @ 16.99 for a 32oz. bottle, the peace of mind I have is worth MUCH, MUCH more than the pennys you save using what could potentially taint and ruin your beer and equipment.

Would I use the above sanitizer in an emergency situation? yes. But no one knows how long that type of NRS keeps. I know that chlorine based sanitizers in the restaurant biz are good only for hours before they need replaced.
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