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Hi I am curious if anyone has brewed with this yet? I just bought a burner table there last week. I think it is nearly a 50 or 60,000 btu burner table so I can start doing some all grain once I get the other needed items.

I am curious about this pot though. It looks like a great value for the money. The few reviews I read say it is pretty solid.


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A few things about aluminum pots:

1) Remember that before you use it, you need to build up an oxidation layer, or else aluminum will leech into your brew. To build up an oxidation layer, just boil a pot full of water for about 15-20 minutes, then dump the water. A little discoloration from this oxidation is normal.

2) Oxygen-based and caustic cleaners, like PBW or Oxiclean, will actually eat through the oxidation layer, so you don't want to use these types of cleaners on your aluminum pot, unless you want to re-establish the oxidation layer after each cleaning. Stick to acid-based cleaners, and never scrub the walls with anything coarse, like steel wool, just use a sponge or something soft like that.

3) Aluminum conducts heat better than stainless steel. This is both good and bad. The aluminum pot will heat up water more quickly than SS, but it also will dissipate heat faster than SS, so it will lose heat as fast as it transfers it. One of the positives to this is that you will also be able to cool down in a ice bath faster than you would be able to with a SS pot.

So that's pretty much the pros and cons. If you are cool with all these points, go for it! I personally have both an aluminum pot and a SS pot, and I perfer the SS. Go for the aluminum if it is strictly a financial decision to get started on homebrewing, but if you can afford it, save up for a good SS pot, which you should be able to find for about $60-80.

Good luck!

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Topher summed the pros/cons well. I have one of each (alum and SS) and haven't had any issues with brews made in either one. In fact, I've made the same brew in each kettle and haven't had any off-flavors from the aluminum. I'd go with it.

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I use a 60qt AL industrial kitchen pot. Its perfect for batches up to 10 gal. Used it for 7 years with gas heating. I just converted it to electric heating with a 5500w element installed through the side. Still works great. No regrets. Go for it.
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I use the exact same pot, have for all but the first few beers I made. Works perfectly. Don't know if you are planning to do BIAB, but that's what I planned on doing first and the basket works perfectly to do BIAB on this pot.

Just do like TopherM said and boil water in it at first to build up the barrier. Since I was doing BIAB I just put about 8 gallons in it, that way I was covered all over from the aluminum.
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I use a 60 qt aluminum Bayou Classic for mostly 5 gallon BIAB batches (got tired of babysitting my 8 gal turkey fryer). Great size for 5 gallon batches without worry of boilover.

An alternative to boiling water for 15-20 minutes to oxidize is to put it into the oven (if your oven will fit it) and bake for 15-20 @ 350F. This will also oxidize it.

As for cleaning, I've only ever used water and a non-abrasive sponge. I collect the water from immersion cooling into 5 gallon buckets and pour that in for cleanup (nice and warm so my hands don't freeze during the winter), then water my trees with it. Hop material and protein break/grain particulates come off easily with a little water, and are good plant food. Never had a need to use anything else to clean it.
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Love mine. Done as much as 12gal in it. About ten batches so far--just watch your boil-off rate and adjust sparge amounts as needed.
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Great. Thanks everyone. I will pick it up next weekend then.

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You might want to check Walmart first I picked up a turkey fryer and aluminum pot for 30$ that I do my all grain 5 gallon batches in

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I have points to use at bass pro so this wont cost me anything. I bought a 60,000 btu burner table there a couple of weeks ago. The pot holds 15 gallons and has a faucet and thermometer on it. I checked it out it seemed pretty good quality. Lid seemed lightweight but the pot itself seems pretty sturdy.

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