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Mar 2012
plainfield, IN
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I like a amber with steak and PA's with sweets. What is your favorite food/beer combo?
I know a lot of people that say they can't eat while they drink but I love to (attempt) pare food w/ brew.
Snickers bars ROCK with beer. Even better cut a thin slice of cheddar , lay it on the snickers bar and yum..
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Dec 2009
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Imported cheeses with sesame crackers paired with pretty much any Belgian Style.
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Dec 2011
l.a., ca
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I like pale german beers and pizza and mexican lagers and lime with salsa and chips.

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Zyme Lord
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Mar 2009
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I love a nice sharp/funky cheese with an IPA. With anything sour or bretty, I prefer blue cheese and crackers with a little bit of fig spread.

I cannot eat pizza without a blonde ale or lager. It just doesn't work.

I've cooked cedar planked halibut on the grill about once a week for the last month, and have been enjoying it with my homebrewed wit.

A brownie w/ice cream complements a nice porter or stout wonderfully.
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Jan 2010
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I love a good IPA with anything spicy such as jambalaya.

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Aug 2011
Durham, NC
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Whole wheat pizza and bells best brown ale is great!

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Sep 2011
Austin, Texas
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Originally Posted by Toga View Post
I love a good IPA with anything spicy such as jambalaya.
Spicy or fried -- I like IPA's or a strong blonde.

I like Belgians with seafood, especially fresh oysters. I even poach fish in a tripel and serve the beer with the dish.
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Aug 2011
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Wait, I thought beer WAS food.

That explains a lot...
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Jan 2011
Houston, TX
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DIPA and Indian food is pretty much the best thing ever. Also along a similar vein: vanilla ice cream, fresh mango and garam masala + a saison is pure bliss.

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Apr 2010
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All tables have an ice water carafe, small wine/tulip glasses for the water and a warm mixed "spent grain" bread basket along with a beer bottle candle holder.

A cup of beer cheese soup OR baby button mushrooms boiled in a cream/blond beer with garlic, sweet onion and butter- Paired with 4-6oz. of an aged barley wine (not hoppy)

3 Breaded, deep fried jumbo shrimp, with a few pinches of hops (like 1 crushed pellets worth of dust) in the batter. Served with wasabi and a spicy hot "asian style" General Tso's dipping sauce. Paired with 6-8oz of an IPA or IIPA.

Palate adjustment:
A small cube of 10 year cheddar served with 3oz. of porter to cleanse the palate.

Main course:

Bacon wrapped tenderloin - flash seared in a bourbon reduction w/ a light montreal seasoning, grilled to order over a mesquite hardwood grill. Paired with a shwartz/black lager.
A boneless skinless pheasant breast hammered flat, Cut into 2" wide strips wrapped in turkey bacon, (Yielding 4-5 rolls)skewer rolls and lightly sprinkle with brown sugar, (Skewer removed prior to serving), grilled over same grill as above. Paired with a cloudy wheat beer.
3 Boneless pork ribs, Seared in a apfelwien reduction, seasoned with a mesquite rub and slow cooked on the edge of above grill. Paired with a rauch/smoked beer.

all above served with herb seasoned baby red potatoes, green beans and a full pint of paired beer in appropriate glassware.

To finish the meal:
- A chocolate mousse served with 6oz of a breakfast/coffee stout
- A cheese cake with caramel topping served with 6oz of a bourbon aged beer

And this is just ONE meal from the top of my head. I could do this all day, for any meal, making it more or less fancy...
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