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I recently made my first mead on April 5, 2012. Some how my OG was much higher than planned, 1.175. I am going to rack it to a secondary tomorrow but I took a gravity reading tonight and it was 1.001 (Temp Corrected). So needless to say it is much stronger than I was planning on. So when I rack it into a secondary tomorrow, I would like to add some fruit. I was thinking about maybe some blueberries. But I am uncertain how many pounds to buy. I am afraid of putting in to much and ending up with something that resembles cough syrup. Any thoughts?

14lbs of honey mixed with water to bring volume in fermenter to 5 gallons. Added yeast nutrient, yeast energizer, gypsum, acid blend.

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Depends on which flavour you want to dominate: honey or berry. If you want honey to dominate, use less fruit. I try to go for a balance, but it's often tough to get enough fruit to avoid the "weak" or "watered down" fruit flavour without masking the honey flavour.

You might start with 1 PINT of fruit per gallon, you'll get more flavour if you put those berries through a freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw cycle; it helps to break down the cell walls & extract more juice. If you find that it needs more than that, you can always add more; but once added, it's tough to remove it.

You could also start with 1 POUND of fruit per gallon for more fruit flavour. Here's a recipe you might find useful:
It starts out pretty much the same as yours & uses 1lb/gal fruit. Thought you could read thru that thread & get a feel for his end product & adjust your recipe as you see fit.

One thing to remember, fruit not only takes up volume, whole berries will swell & take up even MORE volume. Also, use some pectic enzyme, it'll help in the breakdown of cell walls & help to extract more juice & flavour as well as help to clear by breaking down the pectins. Mix any dry powders with a little boiled & cooled water before adding to the must. Adding dry powders will provide nucleation points & allow the dissolved CO2 to suddenly come out of solution, like a mead volcano.
Regards, GF.

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