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...what would it be? I'm thinking I need to expand my operation...

I currently have 2 brewing setups. A 5-gallon cooler MLT, turkey fryer type boil kettle burner, copper coil wort chiller. I've also got a single tier 3-keggle system (3 burners, pump, plate chiller). I've got a handful of plastic fermenters, glass carboys, more bottles than I can shake a stick at, and most of the small "nice to haves."

I know the logical answer is "kegs." But I'm not sure it's the right thing, since I would need to buy/build the keezer, the overall expense of doing it right is quite high. Is there anything else any of you pros would recommend?

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Fermentation chamber to control temp? Very important!

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I think you need to qualify this kind of question with a price range. If I had unlimited money? A 10bbl brew house... A couple grand? HERMS. A few hundred, I'd seriously consider a kettle upgrade for myself.

In your situation, if you really want to look at kegging it's probably not as expensive as you might think. Check around for used fridges/freezers and you can build one for pretty cheap if you're handy. Although if you don't have any fermentation temperature control, like Calichusetts says it's a big deal. Even something simple like a swamp cooler can be cheap and effective.

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Ferm temp control is nice but I have had GREAT success with Closed Pressurized Fermentation coupled with my AC unit. I am not a lager guy so being able to do all that would require more space which I do not have and a substantial investment to do it so I am not screwing with frozen water bottles or other PITA things. Here is a link: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f13/clos...chnique-44344/

I also have a single tier keggle system and some nice stuff to but being able to brew up a 13-14 gallon batch in nearly the same time as a 5 gallon to me is priceless.

I ferment in (3) short 1/4 bbls and (2) standard 1/2 bbls. I serve from tall 1/4 bbls and have a 1/6th bbl.

Scoring the gear was work and luck mixed but not impossible. I found LOTS of my gear on Craigs List and rummage/garage sales for DIRT CHEAP. There is no way I could justify the money on going to corney kegs. I also have the ability to tap a standard keg whenever I may want which has only happened 1 time but it is still nice to have the option.

Just an idea...
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