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Hey all.

I did a search, both here on this website and Google and couldn't find an answer to my question. So I decided to just ask it here:

I have thought bout using this list to maybe just naturally brew the "23 flavors" of Dr. Pepper into a beer. Here they are for those that don't feel like clicking the link:

1. Cherry
2. Vanilla
3. Almond
4. Plum
5. Blackberry
6. Raspberry
7. Apricot
8. Coriander
9. Clove
10. Amaretto
11. Anise
12. Caramel
13. Molasses
14. Birch Beer
15. Allspice
16. Ginger
17. Sasparilla
18. Sassafras
19. Juniper
20. Spikenard
21. Wintergreen
22. Burdock
23. Dandelion

Couple of questions about some of these items:

-Unless I am mistaken the roots of the dandelion, burdock, sassafras, and sasparilla are what I should use and not the flower itself but what about the spikenard? I can't find any info on what part is used for flavoring on the plant. All I can find on the plant relates to oils and I'm pretty sure I don't want the oil for a beer.

-Are there any items on here that could represent a health risk? I have heard that sassafras has been banned in the past for a link to liver damage but I understand it is possible to get sassafras extract that doesn't contain the hazardous safrole. Maybe I'm being an idiot but I would guess that the extract that doesn't contain the poisonous stuff doesn't taste as good.

-Should I achieve the molasses and caramel flavors from my malts perhaps? In which case does anyone have any other recommendations to get these flavors into the beer without them being fermented out completely?

-How would I get "Birch beer" flavor into this? I was thinking of combining the "birch beer" flavor and the "amaretto" flavor by soaking some birch wood chips in amaretto for a week or two and adding to secondary. Would this defeat the point of "Birch beer" flavor maybe? I've never had birch beer so I don't know what to expect here.

If you have any other insight besides what I specifically asked about feel free to add to the discussion. I am going to brew this eventually but not before I feel confident I have a good gameplan going forward...


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"Birch beer" flavor is oil of wintergreen, which despite the name is extracted from birch bark. (The same flavor compounds are found in wintergreen, but birch is a cheaper source.) Traditional birch beer is made by boiling birch sap and infusing birch bark in it, then adding sugar and carbonating.

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