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Dec 2011
steamboat springs, co
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I just got done with a keg of my so far favorite beer ever. it took me and my pap about 5 days to go through 5 gal of this whereas 5 gal usually lasts us 2-3 weeks. so it was a house fav. but it was an experimental beer, I am new to brewing, but whenever i'm new to something i try to push it to find my limits, i pushed it and didn't find a limit.

I added at 60min 15 stick of cinnamon, i am a person who keeps tasting the wort as it boils, i never noticed the cinnamon go down in flavor and i thought it would be too much. when the beer was done, it was the most well balanced, flavorful, amber colored beer i had ever had, it was cloudy, but for now i'm working on flavor. my recipea(i do this from memory, every beer i'm craving somehting slightly different so i don't write things down, i just try to figure it out.)

Recipe for a little less than 5 gal
5 lbs amber malt extract
3 lbs rice sugar powder
4 oz mt hood hops
.5-1 cup chocolate chips
5 dried small cloves
lots of cinnamon, my guess is around 15 large sticks of the non saigon cinnamon, the real stuff
about a tablespoon of cayanne pepper
about a tablespoon of mint flakes maybe a little more

in the final product i could hardly taste the cinnamon, like the yeast had eaten it away. i tasted the wort at 30 seconds to done to see if i liked it and thought there was too much cinnamon, it was spicy from too much cinnamon, i thought i had messed up for sure.

so i have heard that to get a cinnamon flavor it is a 5 min boil time so way less than i did. but then why would my very strong cinnamon taste go away and be replaced by i have no idea what to call it besides balance. everyone who tried it wanted to buy a 6 pack. Is it that cinnamon boiled for a long time produced more of a balance in the wort somehow and boiling for less adds flavor? kind of like hops and bitterness?

I also have an attempt at a very simple beer
5 lbs of munich malt extract
2 lbs rice sugar
4 oz challenger hops
1 stick cinnamon
i can taste the cinnamon much better in this brew than the other

Does anyone have any insight as to why this may be? cinnamon has become my favorite ingredient in beer and id like to know why this is happening,

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Dec 2011
steamboat springs, co
Posts: 6

Bump and edit

the 2nd brew i made is much less backbone flavored by cinnamon, but the taste is there, in my favorite one the cinnamon backbone was there but the flavor seemed to be lacking a ton from what i expected.
If someone else has experience with this it would be awesome to know whats going on, cuz iv only ever heard of cinnamon being a small ingredient, it might be my permanent large addition to every brew i make.
Someone else should try this out if interested, i swear it's absolutely delicious
my next all grain version of the extract one is going to be about

10lbs total grain
.5lbs chocolate malt
.5lbs coffee malt
3lbs amber malt
3lbs crystal malt(probably 60l)
3lbs caramel malt ||
all mashed at 153 for 1 hr
1 cup chocolate chips
15 sticks cinnamon for 60 min and 1 for 5 min
cascade hops (3-4oz)
10 cloves
2 tablespoons of mint flakes
1 tablespoon cayanne pepper
1 tablespoon irish moss
some bittering orange peel
some sweet orange peel
1 pack low gravity finishing ale yeast.

That should be delicious i do believe my current brew and my first all grain shall be interesting
12 lbs total grain
4 lbs chocolate malt
4 lbs coffee malt
4 lbs crystal malt (60L)
way more than 15 sticks cinnamon(11 small saigon cinnamon sticks, and one bag full of real cinnamon, probably one of those whole small glass containers for you spice cabinet, but it was organic and strong as hell)
2 cups chocolate chips
cayanne pepper till the wort was mildly spicy
lots of mint flakes
4 oz mt hood hops, 1 oz for 60 min, 3oz for 18 min

when i was straining this brew it looked like chocolate syrup, the consistency, color and smell, plus my extras and everything. I was about to dilute it to the correct 5 gal but decided to leave it at 3.7-4.2 gal because the yeast started fermenting everything and it was doing a bubble every 1/2 second. it also formed something i hadn't seen before that i'm guessing is due to the chocolate, on the surface of the wort there is this layer that looks like a combo of cinnamon, chocolate, yeast and hops. it is a very thick surface and all encompassing, it has bubbles pass through it from the wort and you can see it 'breathing' or building up bubbles and popping.

i felt like posting a mild update to show how much cinnamon i am going through, but so far every cinnamon beer except for the munich malt one have not had a strong cinnamon flavor. and they have all had way more than the munich malt one.

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