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And that means our immersion wort chillers don’t work as well.

What to do? Oh, what to do?

I have a washtub that I can put ice and water in.

Should I

A. Put my 100 or so feet of garden hose in the ice bath to chill the water going to my wort chiller

B. Put my brew pot in the ice bath to chill it directly

C. Put the hose and brew pot both in the ice bath

I've done B in the sink without a wort chiller. A pot of hot wort easily turns a sink of ice water into a sink of hot water. It took several sinks of ice water just to get below 80F.

The thing with C is the hot pot of wort will warm the ice water I’m trying to chill my wort chiller water with.

I've also cooled extract batches with top off water. Having gone to AG, I'm not too keen on that method now.
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Get a cheap submersible pond pump. Chill as low as you can go with tap water then Fill the sink with ice and water and use the pump to circulate the ice water through your chiller. Either put the discharge water back into the sink or keep adding cold water to the sink until the ice melts.
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In the summer, I put my BK in a utility sink and let the outlet water from the IC drain into the sink. Once the sink fills up or the kettle starts to float (whichever comes first), I crack the plug little by little until the water going in roughly equals water leaving the sink. This way you get the best of both worlds, immersion and water bath. After a couple minutes, the outlet water is quite cool. Once the wort gets close to tap water temp, I shut off the immersion and add ice to the water bath to get down the rest of way.

I did a test once to see how well my immersion (while sitting an ice bath) would prechill tap water. It didn't work that great. However, if I sat there and stirred the hell out of the ice bath to keep cool water passing by the coils, it performed pretty well. I wasn't too keen on the idea of having to constantly stir to prechill my water. I don't think a garden hose would transfer heat nearly as well as my IC, so I would say that idea is a no go.
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Make yourself a counter flow chiller with a pond pump. Use the immersion chiller you have as a post chiller in an ice bath.
1. Connect pot to counter flow or pot to pump to counter flow.
2. Connect submersible pump to the CF water imput on bottom and put pump in bucket.
3. Connect the beer output of the CF to your existing IC and put it in the bucket with the pump.
4. Fill bucket with ice and water (don't let water output back into bucket because it's hot). Don't forget to keep filling the ice bucket.
At full blast with my pump I can get to 70 in 5 min, slower I can get to 50. Hope it makes sense

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I use an old submersible pump that I don't use for the aquarium anymore. Chill the wort down using my immersion chiller til it won't go anymore. Then some ice, a bucket and the pump. Voila. Only took another 10 minutes to get the Oktoberfest down to lager pitching temps (50s), last Saturday.
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Ugh, sounds awful. I'm glad I get my water from an alpine lake that's huge (496.21 square kilometers) and deep (501 meters.) Our tap water is 40-45 year round.
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We fill a 42 gallon garbage can and add about 10 gallon jugs of ice (water jugs resused, but you could use cleaned out milk jugs) We use a cheap pump to pump that water. we do 16 gal batches and a plate chiiller,, but it is enough. We never tried the IC as in the above as a post chiller but looks good

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Jul 2011
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I have to go to great lengths to cool my wort on the summer, my tap water is 89.8 in June.

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Lots of good ideas above...if your looking for simple, chill your wort w/ the IC as usual and bring it down to 100 or so, then set the kettle in the tub w/ about 20 lbs of ice and water and take a nap for a couple hours

If you are in a hurry, stir the wort and the ice water for faster chilling.

Submersing garden hose in ice water is not very effective at all FYI.

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I'm also a pond pump guy. It works very fast, and it saves water.
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