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Default SWMBO just found a dog with a note on his collar "this is a good dog, take care"

So while i was at work, i got a text from the girlfriend "omg honey, you're gonna kill me... kill me dead". At that point, my mind started going to "oh dear god, water on the electronics, she tried to clean the TV and it fell off the wall, she knocked over a carboy, she hit the spiggot on the keg and all the beer drained out".
Well, she ended up sending me this picture...

So i proceeded to ask what it was exactly that had a tag, then she said that she found a dog laying in a parking lot without a chance for shade (mind you, today is going to get over 80* which isn't normal for portland).

then i got this picture.

Long story short. Dog has no tags to even say what it's name is. no nothing, and she said it was dirty as hell like it'd been outside for quite awhile. so she gave it a quick bath then gave it some chicken we had last night (we have no dogs, so no dog food till i can get off of work) and i guess it scarfed it down like it hadn't eaten for days....
So after that, she sat down to watch TV and the dog came up to her and just laid down.. so it sounds like a great dog and obviously no one wanted...
the thing i dont get is how someone can just do that to an animal! it's so upsetting in the worst way possible. It would just be like setting a toddler out with a tag on his shirt that said "this is a good kid, take care" without even a buck in his pocket.

So tomorrow we are at least going to get him scanned for a chip to see if he has a name and get him a Vet check up and see how he is for awhile and at least play "foster parents" and get him back up on his paws.

hoping s/he is potty trained!

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Good on you guys for doing the right thing. Poor pup; sounds like she may have found him just in time.

Look at that face, though - you know you're keeping him!

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Cute puppy!

Everyone needs a brew hound...... come on..... keep him
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That's good of you both to take care of him/her. A lot of people just abandon their dogs if they can no longer afford to take care of them - you'd think they'd at least bring them to a humane society though. We adopted a "stray" (they found the dogs vet and got the phone number of the owners, but the line was disconnected). Have a feeling the people moved and just left the dog. She's turned out to be a great dog though, to this day she has never had a single accident in the house (we've had her for 1.5 years, she's 3 years old).
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Oh, he's so adorable! I'm glad you are able to give him a good home. Pets enhance our lives so much, and a good dog is a great companion.

Looks like a beagle mix there!
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Was meant to be. Enjoy your new pet. Get some flea stuff from the vet... stray dog might have some.
- Andrew
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Originally Posted by rhamilton View Post
Cute puppy!

Everyone needs a brew hound...... come on..... keep him
This. Plus you probably got a great and loyal dog consider he got left like that and you guys are caring for him.
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You are a new doggie-dad! Congratulations!!! Cigars for everybody!

Originally Posted by Misplaced_Canuck
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Yep, great dog, until he attacks you as you sleep and you suddenly find out the REAL reason the old owners got rid of him!!!

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