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Apr 2012
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Hi everyone! I recently bottled my first batch of beer (an Irish Stout) and it turned out to be very good. I brewed up an Amber Ale that is in the fermenter. The thing is that I'm worried about the fermentation temperature. I only have part of a closet to do my fermenting and bottle-conditioning in so space is an issue. Also, the wife is stingy with the A/C and generally sets it to about 74 or 75 degrees when it is hot outside. So my fermenter is around that temperature range too.

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the fermenter a little cooler? I'm probably prefer it to be around 68-70 (which is the temperature that the Heater is set at in the winter). I also have all of my work clothes in the closet, so I am trying to avoid any method that produces a lot of moisture. Any suggestions?

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I had a canned answer for you until the 'moisture' issue. try a desk fan aimed directly at it. Of course there's the option of buying a chest freezer w/johnson external thermostat control if you have room elsewhere, although I suppose you'd have done that already if you did. Good luck.
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"Son of fermentation chiller" is probably the easiest way to control temps but requires time replacing ice. I built my own chamber with a mini fridge it's "set and forget". Plus it was cheap and easy to construct. That would be the best option besides a temp controlled conical.
I would strongly advise against a water bath its a lot of work and too messy and will eventually stink something the wife wont be too happy about.

I don't think aiming a fan at it will cool the beer at all. A fan cools us because its evaporating moisture from our skin, all it will do is recirculate the air in the closet.

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elpenoso, Your mini fridge seems like a good option for the OP. Any pics of your setup?

I'm thinking about trolling Craigslist for an old fridge or freezer to convert, just not sure on what size to go with. I guess bigger if I can fit it, as it would allow for multiple batches.

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