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Jan 2012
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It's the best beer to take labels off and reuse bottles. What say you?

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Mar 2012
Columbus, OH
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Originally Posted by 40oz2freedom
It's the best beer to take labels off and reuse bottles. What say you?
New to this but voting Guinness Draught, they're shrink-wrapped on so you can just cut them off! Not the cheapest, but man they were easy!

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Feb 2012
, Tulsa, Ok
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Franziskaner bottles are easy to remove the labels from. Just soak in Oxyclean and hot water, and the labels fall right off. It usually takes about 10 minutes. I have about 3 cases of their empty bottles, love em.

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Apr 2011
Omaha, NE
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I second the Bell's. Sometimes the labels have fallen halfway off before I'm done pouring the beer into the glass.

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Mar 2012
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I like fat tire, new belgium. The labels come off easy enough with hot soapy water but really easy with oxy soak. The bottles are cool too.

Also, my brother brought me a six pack of rat tail ale from Ohio and those labels peeled right off just from the beer sweating with no residue.

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Aug 2010
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Bell's bottles are pretty easy, but after about a minute in warm water Duvel labels fall off like they were attached with nothing.
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Apr 2012
Ankeny, Iowa
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I have a few Bells in the fridge to try this on, thank you.

Another suggestion to who ever can find them, New Glarus bottles from WI work great after a hot soak.
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May 2006
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Bells bottles are the best to work Founders are easy too.
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Jul 2011
Ramsey & Akeley, Mn
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Bells bottles are the best to harvest yeast from Mmmm

I also like Schells bottles in MN. Also very easy to get the labels off. Their beer is half the cost of Bells and about half as good!
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Brew Lad
Feb 2012
Warrenville, IL
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Bells are good, Sam Adams are pretty easy too, Franzenkeiner are by far the easiest but they are a lighter brown tint. While I love Two Brothers here in IL, its a huge PITA to get those off, I dont even try anymore, straight to the recycling bin after consumption.

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