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Originally Posted by ktblunden

I'm honestly not much of a fan of most BMC products, including the "craft" type stuff like Blue Moon. I'll drink it if someone offers me one but I don't seek it out. Actually, I was looking at AB's website the other day and I was surprised at some of their properties. I couldn't say I'm a fan of any of them though.
See, that's far more honest. If you don't like it, you are of course welcome to your opinion- there are certainly enough beers that I don't care for. But you didn't determine ahead of time that it was crap (and ignored any tastes to the contrary) just because its owned by a multinational.
Hell, Guinness/Harps and all their properties are pretty huge too, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who says that they are *all* crap.

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for me, red stripe.


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Grainbelt! Especially Nordeast. I had 6 of the course of 4 hours and barely felt like I had been drinking beer. I love when the local liquor stores run it for 9.99/12 pk.
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Originally Posted by WesleyS
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Apr 2012
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Originally Posted by ktblunden
The only BMC product I'll purchase these days (and I only buy one every few months or so) is the Bud Light Chelada. The one with Clamato in it. There's just something about it that really hits the spot for me, especially on a hot day. Everyone else I know thinks it's completely disgusting.
I can't go for the Chelada style beers, my friend gave me a red beer one time and I could hardly take the sip I took. If you go to Mexico and get a Michelada style beer its basically a dollop of salsa at the bottom of the beer. Almost looks like what your stomach regurgitates after a bender.

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Now and Then I'll crave a Mickey's. Gotta be out of the Big Mouth Grenades though. Can't say I feel guilty about though
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Mine would have to be any light beer made into a michelada. With clamato, hot sauce and lime.

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Originally Posted by wSelwyn View Post
I love Stroh's. I prefer it in bottles. It has always been my go to beer. In college, at a local bar, I could get bottles for roughly $1.50. I miss da U.P.
My boss drinks Stroh's and one time when trying to order one the waitress looked at him and asked "Do they still make that?" It was classic.

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Mar 2012
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I like fosters , yes I like fosters. Better than most BMC beers in my opinion. At least it has flavor. And its from Canada , not fermented in a kangaroos pouch like most believe.

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i have done an experiment on dart league night. PBR>Pyramid>Sam Adams. Not sure why but I shoot better drinking PBR.

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Mar 2008
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When I lived in Az, my neighbour got me onto Blue Moon, yummy on a hot day, watch'n the kids in the pool. But now I back 'home' , Canada, "Saying this with many tears",lol. I'll bomb back a few J.R Readies, good and cheap.
Then again I'm a prick at parties and throw in a couple of Labatt 50's in the bottom of the cooler, lol,.
All you Canuck's know this one,. They have green labels, nothing funnier than watching a drunk brother, father, relative. Fumble around the bottom of the cooler and pull a brown bottle wothout a label on it. Having a huge hall on it and gag a bit b/c it was a bottle of 50.
Ahhhhh! good time's

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