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This originally started on another thread about homebrew purchases
without discussing with the wife first and the various ways we have of getting around her finding out. Meeting the UPS/FEDEX guy at the door, having it delivered to where you work, etc. What are some of the "surprises" you've given to your wife or husband? I've had several over the past 28 years. My first VCR, $650, 1985 (?). But, it's got 1 year 14 event programming! Our first computer $1300, 386 proc. a whopping 8G HD. Speakers (JBL studio monitors) that I bought while on my first (and only) Med cruise. I also sent home a queen sized brass bed to soften the blow. A PS3. But it's also a Blu-ray player! A 42" flat screen TV. Hey, the old TV was shot anyway... A dishwasher. Why do we need that? What's wrong with doing dishes by hand? Until it broke the first time... Cordless phone, pager, etc...

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Last Friday I came home with a 60" plasma. But she saw that one coming, what with me finishing the basement and all.

Not sure she saw the expensive speakers coming though, and now she thinks it's done - but I still need to get an expensive centre channel speaker. Haha sucker.

Everytime she comes home to a box with a couple cornys in it she thinks I've gone and spent a few hundred bucks again. But they are cheap.

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Bob and I never have any surprises, except for very small things like UPS bringing some new fishing lures.

But we're both very frugal and don't spend money anyway. We don't need new furniture, for example. It's only 23 years old and not even ripped! We seem to always see eye-to-eye on stuff like that, and I did talk to him before I spent $300 at Northern Brewer last week!
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Not too many surprises like that from me either. In my experience, preparing the other person for the blow to the checkbook tends to not only keep the peace, but it allows the other person to have an active part of the purchase, which adds a vested interest in whatever the purchase is at the time. If the other party is part of the decision, they can't be angry!

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I've been doing a lot of beer swapping as of late and there are constantly packages in the apartment mailroom with delicious drinkables that aren't for her. She is getting a bit annoyed since my beer cellar has expanded to about 5 large moving boxes that are all in the front closet and pantry.

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Are we talking surprise gifts?

My wife likes it when I bring home Hershey candy bars from the gas station.
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I wait for my wife to fall asleep and then........

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I put mirror doors on my closet for her birthday last year. Due to the way the master bedroom suite is designed, my closet (the smallest one) is in her dressing room. She has closets in the MBR, entertainment room and her office.
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Originally Posted by petey_c View Post
Our first computer $1300, 386 proc. a whopping 8G HD...
8G HD when 386s were out would have been 10k or more???

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Originally Posted by McBrewskie
I wait for my wife to fall asleep and then........
I was thinking of the present left by the dog or cat that you know is there but ignore it. Nothing like stepping on cold cat vomit barefoot in the morning...

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