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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
You know, I thought I missed you when you weren't around. But now I realize that I probably didn't.

Seriously, you ALWAYS make me laugh. Always. I'm pretty warped.
You think you are warped? I have some kind of heraldic family crest in my mind already depicting my previous post. I am my own worst enemy.

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My wife's baby shower is coming up in a couple weeks. The women will all get together at my in-laws' house and do...whatever the hell it is they do at those and the men will all congregate at Yardhouse to slam down some beers. After the shower the women will come pick our drunk asses up and bring us back over to the in-laws' for more beers and some BBQ.

Now THAT'S how you do it.

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My wife and I got a recent invite to a shower that sneakily threw in a little snippet at the end saying husbands could come, if they wanted to. I feel bad for the guy, but I'm out. It's scheduled for the 5th and I have an obligation to observe National Homebrewing Day. 7 gallons of roasted IPA is a way better goal than a stroller and 1000 diapers.

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Originally Posted by terrapinj
we are expecting our 1st in October and plan on having a party, not a shower

will have band, grilling and I will be brewing up a few batches of beer

my SWMBO is appalled by the idea of a regular shower and doesn't want to be subjected to, nor subject her friends to that ****
That sounds like my son's first birthday. It was an Oktoberfest party with a fire juggler, tons of good German sausages and lots of beer. The first birthday is a celebration of the parents surviving that first year - and the nice part is that Mom can drink.

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Went to a "coed" shower once. I had a 12 pack of beer in the trunk of my car just in case. No way I was sitting through that. Luckily, the future dad was a good guy and had purchased several cases of Sam Adams samplers prior to the event for us guys. BUT, be prepared. Motto of a boy scout.

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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
And her second word was "beer", I'm sure!

I dislike showers of all types. It's a tradition that should have been ended years ago. I hate even being invited- it's a "hey, I'll give you a piece of cake and you are forced to bring me a present. And it has to be a nice expensive present because I'm going to open it in front of everybody and you'll look like a cheap ass if it's not a good present".

I love giving gifts to people. But I don't like being coerced into it. Showers are a pitiful excuse for asking for free stuff. Wedding showers are even worse- you have to give them a shower present (and some have more than one shower!) and then a wedding present. Egads that sucks.

I've never been a fan of registries, either. Oh, maybe in the 70s when people had their china pattern and silverware patterns there because that's the sort of wedding presents people tended to give then. But now, it's like "here's my list. Gimme something".

I really hate this stuff, in case you can't tell!
This ^ is awesome and totally true.

Originally Posted by JonM View Post
Sure it's not all this bad, but put some booze into new moms, put them in a place where they're giving advice to a mom-to-be, and pretty soon you're hearing stories about hemorrhoids, how far their ... um ... taint lacerated, how much they sh*t themselves in the delivery room, etc. Complain about how the topic is gross, and you're an as**ole for not appreciating the beauty of childbirth, including all the taint-ripping and pants-sh*tting.

They may even point at the dad to be and make lots of jokes about "You're not going to be getting any for a LOOOONG time!"
And this is killer-funny. SWMBO's giving me looks....I've been laughing for a solid few minutes.

OP, I sympathize with you and thank you for warning those of us in the dark on such issues. Kyle

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Mar 2011
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Ugh... we're leaving in a few minutes for a co-ed shower. Luckily, I'm bringing some brews.

The worst is when you're "hosting" the shower with 2-3 other couples, which ends up costing $150-200 per couple, and you still have to buy a present for the shower. So, $300-$400 a pop.

To top it off, I have 2 pregnant sisters, so more of this to come.
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i always thought coed was, the guys go hang out in the garage and then sneak to the pub- like an equal but separate kind of deal. Co-ed means the location, not baby games. I mean, women aren't allowed in the parlor, so could't you just go there?
"i like to drink. I do it all the time, every day."- anthony jeselnik

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