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I've had the same problem- many of my beers have finished way too low. I've tried using different yeasts, using a higher temperature, etc. but still have most of my beers come out a bit (or sometimes a lot) too dry.

The only thing I didn't change was the ph. That will have to be my next step. I've been mashing higher, using less attenuating yeasts, doing thicker mashes, etc. to try to figure it out. Maybe it is the ph!

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I think just about all thermometers read off by a few degrees up or down. You just have to know which it is for yours. The candy and turkey fryer ones allow you to calibrate by holding the nut on the back and turning the gauge.

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Good point, guys! I have three bi-metallic thermometers: +6F, +4F -2F. I calibrated them by heating them in some cheap vodka. The alcohol starts boiling off at 172F, which is very close to mashing temps.
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I have the same problem, luckily i like my beer on the dry side with not too much mouthfeel anyway.
However on my last batch i changed a few things around, i mashed at a higher temp and i ran off the wort straight into the boiler and got it heated up straight away to prevent any further conversion, so far so good, i got about 73 % attenuation with S04 which im happy with.
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Mash out isn't important in batch sparging, it only takes around 10 minutes from the start of the sparge to the start of the boil.

Ph shouldn't have any affect on your FG, ph issues usually cause low efficiency, haze, tannins, harsh bitterness from the hops.

Check your thermometer its my guess its off, and while your at it check your hydrometer, I have two one is off 6 points the is off 4 points.

My first AG brew was a kit from NB, I had fantastic efficiency in the 90's, the beer was very good but according to my hydrometer it came out way high on the OG. That was the last kit I bought, I started making my own recipes using BeerSmith and based on 90% efficiency, my beers came out thin and way bitter. Thats when I checked the hydrometers and found out they were both way off.
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Are you re-pitching the CA Ale Yeast? If your readings are accurate, you're getting 85%+ attenuation, which may be possible if the yeast you're collecting and re-using is some of the more aggressive (high attenuation) yeast.

If so you may want to start with a fresh batch of yeast.
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Turns out it was the thermometer... after checking the old thermometer against my new Digi, it's obvious that it's at least 5 degrees over.
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Are you deactivating the enzymes in your first runnings while waiting for the batch sparge? I had the same problem, I used to let it sit there in the kettle, but now I heat it up to deactivate while sparging. My FG's went from 1.007 to 1.011(@155F).

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