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Feb 2011
bowie, md
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I primary fermented a rye IPA for 4 weeks and then transferred it to secondary for 5 weeks (secondary was just until I killed a keg). It seemed stable but ive noted a few air bubbles in the air lock the past couple days.

I am done waiting and put it in the fridge for a cold crash tonight and will keg in a couple days...

Whats the deal? anyone know?

If it isnt done fermenting am I risking off flavors?

WPL001, kept at cellar temp, 1L yeast starter, had strong and quick initial fermentation.

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Jun 2010
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Bubbling in secondary is not a sure sign of further fermentation. It is actually pretty common without fermentation. It's simply off-gassing of CO2. It can happen more with temperature fluctuations or even with stable temps.

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Dec 2010
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Gravity reading?

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Consistent gravity readings a couple of days apart are the ONLY way to know if fermentation is done. Bubbles mean nothing at all.

Nine weeks in, though, I'd be shocked if it wasn't done.
Check out the priming sugar calculator, yeast starter calculator, and the beer calorie calculator.

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Bubbling in the airlock and fermentation are not the same.....an airlock bubbles for various reasons, change in atmospheric pressure, change in temp, the cat brushing against the fermenter, it doesn't mean anything whatsoever, just like airlocks not bubbling mean nothing. It's a vent, a valve to release excess co2. Change in temp means that more than likely the gas in the headspace has expanded, like gasses to often do when heated, or the change in temp is causing some of the co2 to come out of solution. That's why it's not a good idea to equate a bubbling airlock with fermentation, because they can bubble independently of fermentation, or not bubble DESPITE fermentation
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Jun 2011
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I had a saison fermented without a single bubble whole time. So my experience says that taking a gravity reading is the way to go.

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