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Nov 2011
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Planted my hops last week and water them everyday and they have not sprouted out of the ground yet. Should I just wait longer or dig one up and look to see if it's just growing slow? I planted them all with the buds facing up.

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Just give it some time, they'll come up. You didn't bury them too deep did you?
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I planted two last week as well, one large willamette and one "twig" of a cascade. Getting panicky that i planted in the wrong soil ( MG veggie soil) i dug them up and replanted in potting soil. The cascade that came almost budless had 3 good strong buds forming and the Willamette had one inch long bud starting to sprout. Long story short, repotted on Monday, Willamette broke soil yesterday (wednesday) and cascade has not yet only because it is a much smaller rhizome than the other. I've only been watering about every 2-3 days as i don't want to drown them. From what i've read give them about 1-2 weeks on average to sprout, i wouldn't dig up until then.

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The idea behind getting them to sprout is to just keep them from drying out at this point. Think about it, that little rhizome is just trying to send out some roots to become established while at the same time, using energy to send up a few shoots. It's water needs aren't too demanding, just enough to make sure the soil doesn't dry out. Once the plant begins to show some serious growth and has developed a bunch of foliage, now it has a way to 'lose' water through it's leaves: . Yes, homework is part of growing hops. So, in the beginning, the water needs are minimal but as the plant grows into a monster with tons of foliage, the water needs increase. Rule of thumb, better to be a little light rather than heavy with the water, you can always add more. And as always, when working with plants, patience is a virtue. Hope this helps.

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Your rhizomes only need a good soak once or twice a week depending on weather conditions. If you have the soil constantly wet they will rot. A little moisture in the soil is plenty, you want the roots to go find moisture and work for it a bit. Give the rhizomes some time don’t mess with them and they will do their thing. RDWHAHB

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