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Mar 2012
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Hello for my next batch I'd like to create some
Sort of extra hoppy IPA with a slight fruit twang. Any ideas?

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Mar 2012
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Dry Hop with Citra hops, 7-10 days in secondary. You will get a sour twang, with a citrus feel to it. If you just want it very slight, dry hop for a bit less.

Amarillo is good for some twang too..I think it has more of a grapefruit twang, but I always seem to detect grapefruit in Citra too, though some say its a bit sweeter like a cross between a mango and a grapefruit, Cascade, Centenniel.

I just said Citra above because we just did an Imperial IPA, and dry hopped with Citra for 10 days, the first sip makes your mouth slightly pucker, each one after that the citrus flavor just bursts out. Then the next beer goes down ridiculously smooth, but yeah..thats because the first was a 9.7 % 22 oz.
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Use fruit zest in the boil and dry hopping. Whatever your after (lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc) just zest and add. If you really want it to come out, make sure your late addition hops and dry hops also mirror the flavor profile you want in your fruit

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I second using something like Citra hops late in the boil and for dry hopping. Citra's a great hop for IPA. Also, try using a yeast that can accentuate the fruity notes and the hops. Something like Wy 1272 or WL Cali V is a great strain for IPA and produces some nice, subtle fruity/citrus-y esters.
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I just brewed a batch with Zythos hops, first time. This was an amazing citrusy taste, my wife hates hops but surprisingly said she liked this.

Schedule was something like (from memory):

60 min - 1oz zythos
15 min - 1 oz zythos
5 min - 1.5 oz zythos/amarillo
0 min - 1 oz zythos

dry hopped with zythos/amarillo, just about an ounce cause that's all the pellet I could fit inside the metal strainer ball. I have also used Citra, it is amazing as well, but in an other worldly kind of mango kind of way. Amarillo and Simcoe with the old standby Cascade are my go to fruity hops, will now be adding Zythos to that list.

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