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Sep 2009
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I seem to have an issue dispensing beer from my kegerator setup. Im using 1/4" inch ID tubing and dispensing at a good PSI. My beer is at 45 degrees. I seem to get a burst of head from the first pour (if I haven't poured it for awhile) then it settles out and looks great. Anyone else experience this or is this normal?

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Sep 2011
Portland, OR
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My set up does that as well. It only does it on the first poor when I haven't poored from that faucet in a while so I don't worry too much about it.

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Feb 2011
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Never been a bar tender but it seems like that happens a lot when I get brews from a particular bar that probably doesn't serve the IPA that often. They always open the tap and let the foam run for a few seconds and then put the glass under the tap. from the post above, it sounds like they have the same issue.

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my keezer used to do that till I added an internal fan. My lines were getting warm and causing the foaming.

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1/4" ID is too big. You say you're dispensing at a "good" pressure but don't mention what that is so there's no way to troubleshoot that aspect.
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Beer lines are flexible, not just in bending but also it is expandable (like a balloon). As beer sits in the lines some CO2 will come out of solution as the pressurized beer pushes out on the lines. The result is as the beers sits longer in the lines, bubbles will form. These come out with the first pour - which is probably no more the 1/4 cups worth. I typically do just a quick 1/4 cup pour and drink that, and then pour a proper pint.
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