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Feb 2012
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did this on Facebook today, 85 for me.

Best one on the list? Abalone -- found it when I was living in Chile at a seashore restaurant. Made my day!

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I hit 59. I still don't get the fascination with black truffle. Ok, it's good but I can't say I think it's so good it should be $100/lb.

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Saffron is also pretty pricey (by weight) but you never hear anyone complaining about that. They are similar in that a tiny bit goes a long way in terms of flavor.

I haven't had black truffle on its own before, but I've had stuff with black truffle in it, and I have some black truffle oil. Even just a drop or two of that in a dish is more than enough to infuse an extremely rich flavor throughout. I have never had them straight even though I have seen it from time to time on menus, because I feel like my palate would be fatigued too easily from the flavor.

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Feb 2011
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I'm at 70 and counting. To be honest I feel I should have more since I consider myself a foodie.

I also think Bone marrow should be added to the list, rich beef flavor without all the pesky chewing you have to do with steak. I purchased a couple bones from the store the other day and the cashier said,"Oh I give those to my dogs too, they love 'em huh!" I told her they were for my roommate and I and she gave me the most disgusted look. Damn shame.

Originally Posted by Wolfhound180 View Post
I have always wanted to try sweetbreads.
Hey Wolfhound sweetbreads are amazing. Couple weeks ago I had the best sweetbreads I have ever had at a gastropub here in Dallas. give them a go, you wont be disappointed.

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It's just 30! 30!
I have the whole life to try it all!)
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there are maybe a dozen things on there i've never eaten. i feel like a glutton...
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Old 05-11-2012, 08:25 AM   #37
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72 out of a hundred, now I have a goal this weekend...

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22 and from the list I am fairly happy about it.

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about 70 +-

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I've had a BUNCH of food, and I'm only 26. I keep remembering an occasion where I had this food, or that food, mostly prepared bvy family friends etc, but gee. I can't bleive the 3 I still haven't had. I wodul have expected I'd have tried that by now.

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