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Jan 2012
key west, florida
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i was planning on starting a batch of SP very soon, and was planning on going the dry yeast starter route (a la Dazes instructions and i was wondering what you guys thought of using distillers yeast. i have a packet of red star champagne yeast i was planning on using, but im also curious how feasible it would be to use the other? how much of the yeasts characteristics come through in a batch of SP when its all said and done?

[edit] another reason i forgot to mention, is the distillers yeast has a higher temp resistance than the champagne yeast. which, where i live now, and seeing how i havent finished my ferm chamber build yet, is an issue.

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Oct 2011
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Yeast doesn't just make ethanol. It can make other stuff too.

When making ethanol for fuel it doesn't matter, because your car won't get hung over. When distilling it doesn't matter because almost all of the other stuff gets left behind or thrown out in the process.

Thus: I wouldn't recommend it.
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Jan 2012
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the "distillers" yeast doesnt make you sick/blind it is the improper distilling technique that causes this. only certain parts of the finished product can be drank. As long as the yeast is for brewing you should be able to use it. most people call it distillers yeast because it can withstand high amounts of alcohol before it dies, moonshiners like this because it makes the finshed product stronger then weaker yeast. As long as you ferment and drink it and leave out the illegal part you should be just fine.

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