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Apr 2012
New York, NY
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Hi all,

This is my second batch ever. Made the Midwest Irish Red Ale kit.

Completely unaware of the fact that priming sugar calculators exist, I primed a few days ago with 5 oz. of corn sugar for 5 gallons of volume.

The OG of the beer was ~1.043 and the FG was 1.014. Primary fermentation was only 2 weeks (yeah, I know I jumped the gun -- was following the kit directions and didn't know any better, lesson learned for next time). It is now bottle conditioning at 72 degrees F.

I ran it through a priming calculator, and it says that I will be carbonating with approx. 2.6-2.7 volumes CO2 (if indeed fermentation was complete, which in hindsight, I'm not totally sure about).

Is there a way that I can stop the carbonation before it gets to 2.7 volumes? I don't really want 50 bottles of gushers...

I know that refrigerating the beers will make the yeast go dormant and stop the carbonating, but will this affect the final flavor of the beer (i.e. if I left the bottles in the fridge for a few weeks, would the flavor be as good as if I left them at 72 F and just dealt with the gushers)?

Thanks for helping out a newbie!

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May 2011
Seymour, Indiana
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With 2 weeks in the primary I'd venture to say fermentation was complete. I think you'll be ok just letting them condition. Also, 5oz of corn sugar isn't that bad.
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Mar 2012
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Agreed, 2.7 volumes is fine for a lot of styles. Some Belgians are carbed to 3.5+ volumes. RDWHAHB etc

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Feb 2012
Denver, CO
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Correct me if I am wrong, but some Belgian styles go up around 4 volumes of CO2. I think you'll be fine too. What kind of yeast did you pitch? The Wyeast Irish Ale attenuates 71-75% according to the site. 71% would be 1.013 according my calculations and given that this was an extract batch, I wouldn't be surprised with a little lower attenuation. Just pop one every few days and if they start getting too carbed toss 'em in the fridge and stop the conditioning!

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Apr 2012
New York, NY
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I used the Munton's dry yeast packet that came in the kit.

Thanks for the feedback, all! I'll RDWHAHB.

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Dec 2011
lakewood ranch, florida
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Did you use the packet of corn sugar that came with the Midwest kit?

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Mar 2012
spokane, wa
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5oz is the standard for 5 gallons for most things.
If everything else is right it won't cause gushers or bottle bombs.

you can carb to style later.

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Old 04-06-2012, 07:01 PM   #8
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Jan 2012
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no salvaging needed. 2.7 volumes is on the upper end of carbed, but certainly not dangerously so. you'll be fine - and soon you'll have a nice, effervescent beer. prepare to enjoy.

Originally Posted by zachattack View Post
Agreed, 2.7 volumes is fine for a lot of styles. Some Belgians are carbed to 3.5+ volumes. RDWHAHB etc
yes, but those same belgians (Duvel, Maredsous, Chimay, etc) are bottled in thicker-than-average bottles. your standard beer bottle (i.e. what 99% of homebrewers are using, if they bottle) shouldn't be carbed much above 3. the OP's 2.7 volumes will be fine.
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Mar 2011
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i dont think you need to worry. you shouldnt have bombs anyways. RDWHAHB

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I almost always use about 5 oz of corn sugar for 5 gallons of beer. That's a good amount!

Two weeks for fermentation, with a FG of 1.014, is perfectly fine. That's about how long I leave my beer in the fermenter.

It sounds perfect.
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