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May 2011
Newport News, VA
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Still on single-digit brews here so I am developing techniques and processes as I go. Here's a question about my bottle prep procedure:
--About a week or less from bottling day, I soak my bottles (partially in order to get the labels off of some) in a water/bleach solution. Longer for the ones with labels. I check very carefully to make sure there is no sediment in the bottom.
--After I rinse them well, I put them in their 12 pack or 6 pack holders until bottling day.
--On bottling day I wash them all in hot soapy water, rinse, put on bottle tree for a while to drip and then I sanitize them with starsan and put back on the tree, and then commence bottling.

My question is, if I have given them a good rinse with the bleach solution days before bottling, do I still need to do the soap and water stage or might I just move on to the starsan stage of the process? I'd rather be more safe than anything, but this is a lot of bottle handling.


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Oct 2010
Hattiesburg, MS, Mississippi
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Throw them in the dish washer for a power cycle before bottling. I've never had a problem with it.

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Aug 2011
Tiverton, Rhode Island
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Replace the bleach with Oxyclean and if you use soap be sure that it is rinsed off completely.

I soak with Oxyclean only to get the labels off. After that rinse after use, inspect carefully, store, inspect again and sanitize with Starsan, then bottle.

When I have allowed enough time I put them in the dishwasher (no soap) and run the hot cycle (mine has no sanitize cycle) then I use Starsan and bottle,

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Mar 2012
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Honestly I just soak my bottles in oxyclean or pbw overnight and give them a real good rinse.

On bottling day I spray them all with starsan and proceed to bottling.

Easiest way I've found.

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Apr 2011
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Skip the soap and water. If you replace beach with PBW, then they are already washed. All you need to do at that point is sanitize right before you fill them. And then, as you drink them, rinse them out that day and all you need to do is sanitize again. There is no need to keep doing PBW if they are already clean.

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Feb 2012
Stelzenberg, Germany
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I'm still new, but you should not have to wash your bottles twice if you take the necessary steps. Based on what I've read this is the system I use.

I wash bottles in Oxi-Clean, let them soak overnight. Then rinse them out well and set upside down to dry. Once they are dry I put either foil or saran wrap over the top to keep debris from entering back into the bottle, then store them similarly to how you described.

On bottling day I remove the foil/saran wrap and use star-san to sanitize. This has worked well for me in my limited experience.

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Aug 2010
Wisconsin, WI
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I use a bottle blaster in case there are nasty's (SWMBO sometimes forgets to rinse her bottles) and then I toss them on the heat cycle in the dishwasher. Easy and I've never had an infection.
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Mar 2012
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I always rinse mine out after use. then on bottling day 1st thing in the morning I run mine in the dishwasher wit no soap. then rinse out with starsan and bottle.

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Mar 2012
Westford, MA
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1. rinse bottles with bottle washer and hot water,
2. dunk in bucket of star san (fill bottle, flip 180 and empty),
3. put on bottle tree to dry

That's the process I use but I've been doing it for such a short time I don't yet know if my process is flawed or not. Of the samples I've tasted so far, I think I am all set.

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Sep 2009
SIDNEY, ohio
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Once you do the initial wash ( I would switch to oxyclean or pbw) rinse and store them. I prefer to store em upside down so nothing accidentally gets in them. Bottling day, set em up and hit em with a blast of starsan from a vinator and fill em while still wet from the starsan. No need to wash em twice and hang em on a tree to dry after the starsan. As a matter of fact I THINK drying the starsan is detrimental to its effectiveness...I recommend reading revvys bottling sticky.
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