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Originally Posted by ianw58 View Post
The two vertical pieces at each end are offset downward by 1/2" to 3/4". Thus creates four "feet", which sit in the spaces of the crate below. These "feet" act as grips or cleats stabilizing the stack of crates.
Another method, which I use, is to drop the top and bottom long side rails. I measure out a furring strip's thickness to drop the top long board and overhang the bottom long board by a furring strip's thickness. (Everything else is built according to the original plan.) This gives you a nice long rail of support and I think looks a little nicer when stacked. Using a board's width is easiest because you usually have scrap or pieces to work with when you're assembling them. The most important thing is that all your crates are consistently designed, measured and cut in the same way, although the original crate design does allow for a fair bit of "close enough" measurement. I would also add that using a stop block to get consistent, repeated cuts makes a considerable difference in the stack's overall integrity.

The difference between the two methods is where the loads are primarily held. Technically, the above quoted method is probably more structurally sound (in many cases) since you're not relying on any particular type of joinery (nails, screws) to hold the weight. But, I personally think the lowered rail system makes for a much more secure and visually appealing stack overall . I feel to use the lowered rail method, it's best to secure the side rails with 6-7 nails each since the side rails will be more likely to be load bearing, thus creating a need for it to be fairly secured.

Here's this stacking method in action (as well as my newer bomber cases and chalkboard paint mod):

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Click image for larger version

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My offering. The transfer with inkjet printer was really easy.

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Maybe this has already been mentioned as a stacking method, but just adding a small block on the sides locks them in on each direction and can be added "after the fact" if you have some you didn't modify while building. Click image for larger version

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Originally Posted by lcat45 View Post
These post, replies, variations etc. have all been really very inspiring....just read the whole thing.....the one comment I find interesting is that no one has posted any plans that give you access from the side if you have your beers stacked to the ceiling and you want one of those you made 6 months ago on the bottom...well at my age I don't want to have to unstack all those creates to get a couple beers from the bottom crates....any ideas on how to use them on their sides so the beer doesn't fall out or even use them for wine storage also as I also have that you get to bout 70 u look at things a bit different.....thanks for all the great ideas and variations....any comments appreciated
Funny. I actually worked up a design a couple weekends ago using this concept for wine bottles. The design allows horizontal storage of six 750ml bottles per crate and could be modified to fit bombers quite easily. The side (front) opening was kept large enough to be able to insert or remove bottles while stacked without having to move any of the crates.

It would be considerably more time and material intensive to do these for 12oz bottles, but I imagine it could be done if you really wanted to.

I haven't yet built one, so I can't say it works 100% yet...but I did go over it fairly carefully in the Sketchup model. If you're interested, I can post final measurements once I've built and verified the prototype. I'm half tempted to put the stacks on casters and a base frame, just to make them easier to manipulate.

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How about a stackable crate system in which you can insert the bottle upside down into some holes, so that they are stored in a better position to keep dust and stuff out of them? It may be as easy as a crisscross pattern of slats. Then when the bottles are full, you turn them right-side-up and they rest with their bottom on the crisscross. The crates would have to be tall enough to clear the tops of the bottles when they are resting upright, and the holes would have to sit high enough off the bottom so that the tops of the bottles didn't protrude out the bottom.

I'm at work and can't really fire up Solidworks to build a model right now.
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Originally Posted by thadius856 View Post
As promised, I worked the measurements about half a page back into plans.

Lumber for Beer Crates (24x 12oz)		Lumber for Beer Crates (12x 22oz)
=================================		=================================
Interior: 15-1/2" W x 10-1/2" D x 9-1/4" H	Interior: 11-3/4" W x 8-3/4" D x 11-1/2" H

Five 1x2 @ 17" (bottom slats)			Five 1x2 @ 13-1/4" (bottom slats)
Four 1x2 @ 10" (vertical ends)			Four 1x2 @ 12-1/4" (vertical ends)
Four 1x3 @ 10-1/2" (short sides)		Four 1x3 @ 8-3/4" (short sides)
Four 1x3 @ 18-1/2" (long sides)			Four 1x3 @ 14-3/4" (long sides)

Lumber for Beer Crates (12x WM Pint)		Lumber for Beer Crates (12x WM Quart)
====================================		=====================================
Interior: 14-1/8" W x 10-5/8" D x 5" H		Interior: 15" W x 11-1/8" D x 6-3/4" H

Five 1x2 @ 15-5/8" (bottom slats)		Five 1x2 @ 16-1/2" (bottom slats)
Four 1x2 @ 5-3/4" (vertical ends)		Four 1x2 @ 7-1/2" (vertical ends)
Four 1x3 @ 10-5/8" (short sides)		Four 1x3 @ 11-1/8" (short sides)
Four 1x3 @ 17-1/8" (long sides)			Four 1x3 @ 18" (long sides)

Lumber for Beer Crates (6x .5-Gal)		Lumber for Beer Crates (12x 1L Teddy's)
==================================		=======================================
Interior: 13-5/8" W x 9-1/8" D x 9-1/2" H	Interior: 13-7/8" W x 10-3/8" D x 10-1/2" H

Five 1x2 @ 15-1/8" (bottom slats)		Five 1x2 @ 15-3/8" (bottom slats)
Four 1x2 @ 10-1/4" (vertical ends)		Four 1x2 @ 11-1/4" (vertical ends)
Four 1x3 @ 9-1/8" (short sides)			Four 1x3 @ 10-3/8" (short sides)
Four 1x3 @ 16-5/8" (long sides)			Four 1x3 @ 16-7/8" (long sides)
Will be building one of each today to test for fit before I start cranking them out tomorrow.

Also, built a few White Labs vial / 2L soda preform / baby soda bottle / test tube (many different names, I know) rack. Once I upgrade to the dedicated chest freezer for the brewery, at least one of these will be used for the yeast bank. I may make modifications.

Pardon my ignorance. What is a WM Pint, WM Quart and 1L Teddy? I want to make some of these boxes for 12 oz bottles and I liter growlers.

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Just what I've been looking for.
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Hey Revco.....thanks for the mockup as that is way closer as to what I had in mind and much more accessible.....the only difference in my minds eye view was I was thinking of the size of the milk crates you see everywhere which would hold about a dozen or less bottles and be build on the bottles being on a slight angle with the top tilted up a bit so they wouldn't slide out.... I have access to champagne bottles which come in a carton of 12 with the dimensions being as such....11 1/2 width, 15 1/4 on the length and 13 on the depth of the box....that way I could just place the whole case in the wooden frame and use the dividers already in the box and not have to build those....only haven't spent any time on figuring out how to get the box to lay in the crate with a slight tilt up to help keep the bottles in place...thanks a bunch for the idea... may build one and try it just to see how it works

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Revco, did you ever get those wine crates built? Any updates there? I find myself in need of storing 40 bottles all of a suddenly, and think that's a grand way to do it.


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Originally Posted by jybingbrew View Post
I made one slight modification that allows you to cut the # of pieces of lumber (assuming 8') from 4 pieces (2 of each) to 3 pieces by replacing the 5 17" slats made with the 1x2 with 4 17" pieces made with the 1x3.

This will actually let you make 2 full crates with 5 total piece since the 1x2 strip can be used across 2 differen crates by only using it for the vertical pieces.

Summary of the breakdown for one crate:

1x3: 18.5 | 18.5 | 18.5 | 18.5 | 10.5 | 10.5
1x3: 10.5 | 10.5 | 17 | 17 | 17 | 17
1x2: 10 | 10 | 10 | 10

Thanks for sharing this idea, and thanks to the original fence picket too! Awesome being able to make 2 crates for less than $5 (I didn't do the dividers).
I made 7 crates a year ago using this mod and love them. See pics on posts #169 and #170. Use a good wood glue with your screws and nails and they're pretty tough. Time to make a few more. Thanks again for the original and the mod!
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