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Planning your first few AG I would run up all the times in your head...then double it.

My mini mash took forever.

I planned 10 hours for my first AG (it was 10hours until I had to be somewhere). I was finished before that.

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Originally Posted by Bobby_M
I like your setup. I assume that's a single march pump and you just swap hoses via disconnects depending on what you're moving where? I'm fixin on going single tier, single pump so this interests me greatly. Do you also circulate your mash?
Thanks! Yep, single pump. I do circulate the mash as well with it. It used to be two-tier but I chopped it down to one as I batch sparge.

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Originally Posted by Damn Squirrels
Here's how I look at it:

An All Grain batch takes 8 hours.

minus 30 minutes if you have a good wort chiller (counterflow, for example)

minus 30-45 minutes for a single infusion mash (no additional heating and resting steps)

minus 30 minutes if I can clean up outside with a hose

minus 30 minutes if my carboy and other equipment is already sanitized, or if I can do it during the boil (such as maybe if I have a helper or have sanitized everything ahead of time)

Minus 40 minutes if you have a really good burner (speeds up the time-to-boil, strike/sparge water heats faster, etc).

Minus 10 minutes if you have a brew sculpture or dedicated setup that allows you not to have to move stuff around a lot.

Plus 10 minutes if you grind your own grain

Plus 5-10 minutes if you have to measure out your own ingredients

Plus 15 minutes if all of your brewing supplies aren't all kept in the same location near where you use them.
This looks like a role playing table from D&D. Please add the die rolls. + (2d8) minutes
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Bobby, that's where I'm aiming, too. Just got the third keg from SIL.
Originally Posted by orfy
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Minimum times for 10 gallon batch for me.

15 heat strike water
5 dough in
60 mash
20 batch sparge
20 bring wort to boil
60 boil
40 chill
30 transfer & add yeast

Adds up to just over 4 hours, but there are loads of other things that go on like sanitizing stuff and cleaning up. Still at least a 6 hour job.

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Lil' Sparky
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For a 5 gal batch, single infusion mash, I average about 3.5 hrs from dragging things out to pitching yeast. I've usually got things cleaned up and put away by the 4 hour mark. If it's a 10 gal batch, it adds about 30 mins. Multi-step mashes add time accordingly. And you can ask the guys I've brewed with - I'm not running around the whole time - there's still plenty of time to RDWHAHB.

I've NEVER taken longer than 5 hours start to finish, even my very first AG batches, but I had someone who knew what they were doing to show me how.

The key is to start the next step so that it's ready when the current step is done. For example:
- heating your strike water as you're getting the rest of the equipment out
- heating your sparge water during the mash
- heating the 1st runnings during the sparge (this saves a lot of time to get start boil)
- clean the MLT and various items during the boil
- sanitise all necessary items during the boil

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Dec 2006
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I am averaging about 4 hours for a 5-gallon batch. Some take longer if I am trying to get every last ounce of sugars out of the grains as I start the boil with a very large volume and have to boil a long time. I also do most of my brewing with a buddy so we are pretty in-tune with what should be going on during down-time to clean, setup for the next step, etc. Sometimes even rack other beers or bottle during down time.

edit: managed to bang out a partial-mash in 2 hours last week, awesome! was teaching some friends how to brew from an AHS kit, they were amazed at how easy it was....they are going to be a little surprised when they have to do it with their own equipment...

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3.5 hours from start to cleanup

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Jul 2006
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Originally Posted by Chimone
3.5 hours from start to cleanup
Cheese & Crackers, You need to come over and help me speed brew.

Change your name to FastBrew Chimone!

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Dirty blonde
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Oh, I never gave my answer and since this is funner than work we'll assume a 7a start time:

7:00 - 7:30 = drag it all out and get the mash water heated.
7:30 - 8:30 = Mash rest
8:30 - 9:30 = Fly Sparge
9:30 - 9:45 = Get to the boil (maybe less)
9:45 - 11:00 = 75m boil
11:00 - 11:15 = CFC chiller (probably less)
11:15 - 12:00 = Final clean-up, put away etc.

5 hours total

Pitching is a whole different story for me. Winter? right at 11:16. Summer 1-2 hours later with this hot tap water I got. Into the chest freezer to cool it down to pitching temp. Where are you guys getting the extra 60-90 minutes? I could probably see 30 minutes in there somewhere.

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