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Apr 2012
hvidovre, denmark
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hi everyone

okay, so yesterday, i made my very first batch of beer. it was a palido mix, from brewferm. the whole process worked out quite nicely, and it was pretty fun. i just have one problems. i misread the instructions, and waited a night before adding water to the airlock (letting the wort set for two days WITHOUT the yeast would help develop the flavors i suppose). today, when i found out, i immediately put water in it. there's definitely something going on, as the first bit of water splashed all over the place. now it's bubbling every 30 seconds, so the yeast is quite active i suppose.

but my question is, do you think the 12 hours without an airlock would have ruined the batch?

any help would be appreciated

ps. sorry for the bad english, it's not my main language, and some of the technical terms can be a bit tricky to understand

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Nope - 12 hours without the airlock did not ruin your batch.
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Did you put the yeast in the wort on the brew day or did you put the yeast in 2 days later?

Many people ferment beer for the first few days without an airlock. When the yeast is highly active and there are lots of bubbles (CO2 gas) then having no airlock will usually not be an issue with contamination.
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The thing to remember is, even with a dry airlock is that the bad stuff are not ninja acrobats....whether it is a 3 piece or an s type, they would have to get through the cap at the top, then either negotiate a series of twist and turns through an S shaped "track" OR have to dive down, then climb up the center post under the plastic bubbler, then lift said bubbler up enough to the make it into the center post and dive into your fermenter....and STILL have to negotiate the rising co2 current pushing out of the fermenter itself....Think about it...Even without water in there, do you think a piece of dust can make this journey?

Needless to say a piece of dust ain't gonna make it. And not much else either. Relax
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Apr 2012
hvidovre, denmark
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wow guys, thank you for the fast replies. they were very well written, and I'm definitely happy to have joined this forum

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Originally Posted by emil_brogaard View Post
(letting the wort set for two days WITHOUT the yeast would help develop the flavors i suppose).
No one really commented on this, but you don't need to let the wort sit for two days before pitching yeast. You should just go ahead and pitch it once you've cooled the wort to the proper temperature. The flavors will develop plenty by letting the beer sit in the primary fermenter for 3-4 weeks.

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