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Recipe Type: All Grain   
Yeast: Fermentis SAFALE US-05 Dry yeast   
Yeast Starter: I didn't use one   
Batch Size (Gallons): 5   
Original Gravity: approx 1.059   
Final Gravity: 1.012 to 1.012   
IBU: estimated at 24.6 IBU's   
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60   
Color: Amber [12.2 L approx]   
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 10-14 days at 65-66 F   
Additional Fermentation: smoothing out the flavout at lager temps for a couple months cant hurt   
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): none   
Tasting Notes: Nice malt balance with the pleasant taste of the hops on the back end.   


Batch Size: 5 Gallons
Boil Size: Estimated at 8 Gallons + [depending onsize of your wort kettle]
Estimated post boil Gravity: 1.059 SG
Estimated Final Gravity: approx 1.010
Estimated Color: Amber 12.2 L to 17.0 L [type of honey effects final color]
Estimated Bitterness: approx 24.6 IBU's
Yeast: Fermentis Safale US-05 DRY Ale Yeast [the red package]

Estimated ABV at 6.4%


6 LBS Gold liquid malt extract LME [2.0L/SRM to 6.0L/SRM] added after steeping grains and before the 60 min boil

6 ozs Crystal 75L Malt APPROX 75 L/SRM steeped [NOT mashed] for 30 min at 155-160 F
2 ozs Hugh Baird British Crystal Malt APPROX 135 SRM -165 SRM steeped [NOT mashed] for 30 min at 155 -160 F
2 ozs special B malt APPROX 180 SRM steeped [NOT mashed] for 30 min at 155 -160 F
4 ozs Melanoiden Malt APPROX 34 SRM steeped [NOT mashed] for 30 min at 155 -160 F

1 oz Roasted Barley APPROX 300 SRM steeped [NOT mashed] for 30 min at 155 -160 F

2 LBS Honey APPROX 1.0 SRM added at flame out.


.50 oz of Nugget Bittering hops at 60 min boil - 13.3 AA's [**see note at bottom of page**]

1 ounce of British Fuggles at 5 min boil 4.2 AA's

Additional Ingredients/ Misc:

1 dropper full of 'foam control' mixed into the wort just before the boil is optional, but recommended

1 Tsp Irish Moss at 15 min
.50 tsp Yeast Nutrient at 10 min

I did not use it, but the addition of 'clarity ferm' to the brew bucket at the start of fermentation is optional.


* Depending on the size of you boil kettle and burner you may need to adjust water levels accordingly.

Add your steeping grains (6ozs) crystal 75L, (2 ozs) Hugh Baird British Crystal 165L, (2ozs) Special B 180L, (4ozs) Melanoiden Malt 34L; and (1oz) Roasted Barley to a grain bag and to water at 155-160 F for 30 MINUTES.

After 30 min remove your grains and heat your water to near boiling.

Just before the boil add your 6 pounds (LBS) of Gold liquid Malt Extract Syurp and stir well to ensure all malt is dissolved and does not get scorched. Bring to a boil; but as the foam rises and just before bubbles break the surface add one dropper full of 'Foam Control' and mix well into the wort. (this helps avoid pesky boil overs)

Bring wort to a boil.

At the start of the boil reduce the flame slightly so it is still at a boil but not too hard a boil.

Add your first hop addition of .50 oz of Nugget bittering hops [13.3 AA's] to the wort and start your timer for 60 min boil . [see note at bottom of page]

At the 15 min boil add your 1 tsp of irish moss.

At the 10 min boil add your .50 tsp of yeast nutrient.

At the 5 min boil add your final Aroma hop addition of 1 ounce of British Fuggles [4.2 AA's] to the boil.

At flame out [0 min boil] add your 2 LBS of Honey to the wort at stir well.

After adding your Honey let cool to about 80 F.
If you use a wort chiller, add the copper coil before you boil so it will not interfer with hop additions and will sterilize the pipes.

In a cleaned and sanitiezed fermenting bucket [I like a 6.5 gal bucket since beers often do foam over] add your cooled wort. Remember to strain out your hops when adding to the fermenting bucket!

Pitch 1 Package of red label Fermentis SAFALE US-05 DRY ale yeast.

(optional: just like a starter you can pitch two packages of yeast)

Ferment the batch at 65-66 F for approx two weeks [10-14 days]

After primary fermentation is complete, add to your cleaned and sanitized keg and let carb-up at 12.5-14 psi for two weeks at cold Fridge temps.

After carbing up serve at recommended temps and pressures.

** Note about Nugget Hops: If you do not like the high AA's of nugget hops in this receipe; you can substitute .50 oz of Perle bittering hops or just add less [.25 oz] of Nugget hops. Then again since this falls in the pale ale family who would do such a thing?

You may use this recipe at will, all I ask is you call it by its name of "Winnies Honey Amber!"

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