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Dec 2011
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Mine's all gone and the second to last glass was the clearest and best tasting. The last was a yeast mess.

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Sep 2011
Saginaw, Texas
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After 2+ years of extract beers, made my first all grain from this recipe. While I did make a few mistakes, it is the best beer I've ever made!
I took the plunge and did a 10 gallon batch. Probably not smart for my first all grain batch. Biggest surprises to all grain brewing is the time waiting for water to get to the right temps. My main mistake was opening the valve all the way on my new 10 gallon Rubbermaid cooler and not cracking it open while sparging. My OG was 1.055 so I wasn't too far off. I ended up with about 8.5 gallons so I missed my water levels too. That's ok, because I ended up with a FG of 1.003, which with my Texas temps, put me at 6.86% ABV. I know, I messed it up pretty good, but holy cow is this thing good. I did a burst carb with 35 lbs of CO2 for 24 hours, then vented 3-4 times the next day while it was on 10 lbs of pressure. After 2 full days at 10 lbs, it keeps getting better and better.
Not sure if I'll understand everything about carbing my 5 gallon corny kegs. But did I say how good it is? I've got a dozen or so buddies coming over tomorrow for my next brew night. Probably end up doing a 5 gallon batch of a honey brown ale or maybe a saison. (along with ribs, brats, and burgers!) The guys want a darker beer, so we'll probably brew that one tomorrow. I got all the stuff for a saison, so I'll probably do that one next week on my own. Running my kegs dry draws the scorn from my neighborhood buddies! I found a new homebrew store in Fort Worth! Texas Brewing, Inc over in Haltom City helped me more than they know! Thanks Patrick! I'm done with extract brewing. Thanks EdWort for this great beer recipe (promise I'll do it right next time!)

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Feb 2012
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Like so many others, I popped my AG cherry with Bee Cave Haus Pale Ale :-)

I decided to do a 2.5 gallon BIAB for my first run. Everything went pretty well (for a first time anyway..) but there is a lot of room for improvement.
The good:
- Had the procedure down pretty well (mentally, at least!) so there were no real surprises.
- I hit my mash temp almost dead on. I dropped down to 148F after dough-in, but a few minutes on the burner had me up to 152F. The pot went into the oven (set on lowest setting) and stayed between 151-152F the whole time :-)
- Sparge went well, although my sparge pot had too much water so I had to empty some out to fit the bag.
The less-good:
- HBS was out of Cascade so I had to sub Centennial
- HBS was out of Nottingham so I had to sub Wyeast 1274
- OG came in low at 1.044
- Brewhouse efficiency was only at 54%...This is probably because I have an electric stove and a concave brewpot :-/

I assume my efficiency will increase with practice. From what I understand, I can increase my grain bill a bit to compensated for the lower efficiency. I am also pretty surprised that I barely got 2.5 gallons in the fermenter. I started with 4.75 pre-boil and didn't have as much evaporation as I had hoped. It is still a good size for me since I am the only beer drinker in the house, but we like to do our best :-)

I also had a LOT more trub in the bottom of the pot. I have done partial-mash before. Is this just a result of doing an all grain batch? I also didn't have a filter on the end of my tubing so I avoided digging too deep into the bottom of the pot (because of the trub). I didn't want a ton of junk in the bottom of the fermenter.

Finally, my fermentation is moving slowly after 12 hours (but it IS moving). The Nottingham really takes off, but I guess the Wyeast is slower to get going, or just slower to do the job. Fermentation temp is between 64-68F. I have the primary sitting in a tub of water/ice to try to keep the temp more constant.

Any comments and helpful advice/ words of encouragement would be appreciated!

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Jan 2011
Montreal, Quebec
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Long time extract brewer, first time AG. Made this exact recipe and dry hopped in keg with 1oz Cascade and 1oz Zythos. This is far superior to any extract beer I've ever made. I missed my mash temps (too low), beer came out cloudy (unconverted starch is my guess), but none the less is amazing. I've brought it to the office to sample with coworkers and I've gotten the classic "If this was available in stores, I'd buy it".

The dry hopping gives it huge floral notes associated to IPA's without the bitterness or high abv. It's a smooth hoppy pale ale.

Great brew and will definitely do again with the dry hopping.
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May 2012
Barrie, ON
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Well the first keg of this brew sure didn't last long (anyone else have that problem? haha) so I'm back at it for another brew today. With a few other AG brews now under my belt since my first attempt I'm trying to get my system down.

I'm using Beersmith now and trying to get it all tweaked properly for my set up so I can made adjustments. I've got my equipment profile in and have made sense of most of it but one thing that I'm still unsure of is the Mash Details. If I was to follow Ed's directions, anyone know what the right setting is? Single Infusion seems to have a lot of options and I'm not sure what's accurate or if it even makes a difference....

Right now I have it set as Single Infusion, Full Body, Batch Sparge. Basically what I did last time after preheating my cooler mashtun was dumped in 3.5 gal of 175 degree water, waited for it to get down to about 170, then added the grains to hit approx 152 for mash temp (first time I lost way more heat than I expected and had to add more hot water). After 60 mins, I added 5 quarts of 175 (actually I scaled back both sparge waters to account for the extra hot water I added at mash) and began vorlauf. Drained, then added remaining 175 sparge water, let it sit for 5 mins (Actually, that's another question .... how long, if at all, should I let it sit before draining ?) , vorlauf and drain.

Thanks for any advice / suggestions. Great forum! Jay

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Jul 2008
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jay, you're on the right track. This is a great beer for getting used to the AG process.

On the batch sparge "rest" 10 minutes seems appropriate, just to let the grain settle down.

dOATmunder Export
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Old 06-17-2012, 10:38 AM   #2417
Sep 2010
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Thanks Ed! I can't wait to see how she turns out! I brewed this yesterday doing my usual BIAB and No Chill Method. I also followed Pol's No Chill Hop Chart. I'll pitch sometime today and put her in the fermentation chamber. I'll report back the results after kegging in a few weeks. Just wanted to give the other BIAB and No Chillers something to look forward to. Oh yeah... This wasn't my first all grain, but it was my first time crushing my own grain bill with a corona mill. I can finally do it all.

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Old 06-17-2012, 10:54 AM   #2418
May 2012
Barrie, ON
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Originally Posted by philrose
jay, you're on the right track. This is a great beer for getting used to the AG process.

On the batch sparge "rest" 10 minutes seems appropriate, just to let the grain settle down.
Thanks very much Phil, sounds good!
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Feb 2012
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This is my second batch. The first one was awesome just a little too cloudy.
So this one when the FG bottomed out I cold crashed it to 34oF for 5 days then slowly warmed it 60oF and bottled it. It was really clear after the cold crash. I conditioned it in the bottles for a week and tried it. Wow this is even better than the last.
Has anyone else cold crashed this or other brews?
Does it always help to clear the beer?
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Oct 2008
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I made this twice before, went QUICK both times! I'm going to try to add some grains of paradise at the last few minutes of the boil.
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