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Nov 2011
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I have been brewing for a couple of years now and have brewed many batches.

I always use Wyeast smack packs and most of the time I make starters, but for a long time, I never made them.

I just brewed a Kolsch on Friday and I didn't make a starter for this beer. It was a low gravity beer (1044) and I didn't have any DME to make a starter. I figured, I didn't make starters for many of my beers before this, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Now, two days later, I see no sign of fermentation at all. Nothing. I have never seen this before. I ferment in craboys so I can see what is happening and I see NOTHING.

I pitched at 64degrees and used Wyeast's Kolsch strain (2565). I smacked the pack hours before the pitch.

Did I get dead yeast? What should I do?

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You should wait, read the forum linked below, and RDWHAHB

Your lag time could be any number of things. Ride it out. In a day or two take a gravity reading. If it's dropped then you're good.
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Can take 48-72hrs to show signs, have you taken gravity readings?

I've had a few beers that were completely still, looked like nothing was going on for over 2 days, then within a matter of an hour were making full use of the blowoff tube. Not all the time, or even frequently, but I've had it happen.

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I'm guessing the pack did not swell at all, if you are asking if the yeast was dead?

I know you've been brewing for a while, but there is a sticky on the forums that says fermentation can take up to 72 hours to start.

I would give it another day and check the gravity to see if it has changed at all before doing anything else.

I had a brown ale in a carboy that fermented over night. There were no signs of krausen, bubbles, swirling gook in the carboy. I was convinced I needed to repitch, but the guys at the LHBS talked me into taking some readings before doing anything. It had dropped 35 points in a day and a half with out giving any 'signs'.

Granted, this has not been typical, but it can happen.

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