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Mar 2011
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Originally Posted by Squeeky View Post
+Subscribed, I want to see a homebrewers opinion of this pump. Sure would make my automated system easy as I could run on same relays and not need SSR.
I'm pretty sure you'd still need the SSR's to be able to PWM control the pump speed.
Normal contact relay switching times are too slow to do that.

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Feb 2011
hays, ks
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I would like to see how the pump performs with boiling liquids.

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Mar 2012
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There was a thread about these a week or so ago:


I commented that it looks identical to another pump I picked up on ebay a few weeks ago. I've only used it once, but it worked fine to go through my 40-plate chiller and recirc for a few minutes. Cut my chilling time in half vs. the gravity feed I was using previously. I only had about 5ft of head on it, but there was plenty of velocity coming out of the hose. I've got it screwed straight into the ball valve on my kettle, with a hose barb on the output to connect to my chiller.

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The "food grade" part is up for debate. I would call it "food safe" below is a cut and paste from a chemical company that makes Ryton:


Do you have any "FDA approved" grades of RytonŽ PPS?
Answer: There currently are no "U.S. FDA approved" RytonŽ PPS injection molding compounds. In accordance with U.S. FDA Food Contact Notification (FCN) 1083, all RytonŽ PPS production polymers may be used as components in the manufacture of food-contact articles for repeat-use food-contact applications, in contact with all types of food, under Conditions of Use A-H, and J. Polyphenylene sulfide resins are also specifically permitted under 21 CFR 177.2490 as coatings or components of coatings of articles intended for repeated food contact use, subject to certain limitations. These permissions do not extend to articles injection molded from RytonŽ PPS injection molding compounds. But, ordinary houseware articles, such as dishes, flatware, beverage glasses, mugs, cooking utensils, cutlery, and electrical appliances, are not subject to U.S. FDA regulation as "food additives." Therefore RytonŽ PPS injection molding compounds may be suitable for use in such articles classified as housewares, but such use is subject to the general safety provisions of the U.S. Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, meaning their use cannot in any way adulterate the food contacted. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the final article to determine the safety and suitability of RytonŽ PPS for such applications. Several RytonŽ PPS injection molding compounds have been certified to comply with the requirements of various Potable Water and Food Contact Standards.

---It is a pump. It is cheap. And it does look like the topsflo. The diagram and specs however are from:

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Nov 2011
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Well galvanized pipes are ok in our home water systems, alcohol isn't good for us, aluminum shouldn't be cooked with, brass use to be ok for brewing now it's making people nervous. Really nothing we do, eat or drink anymore is safe by some "expert" out there. If I could afford a stainless pump I'd buy it but they are over priced...been in manufacturing and purchasing and we are getting gouged on these pumps. Only one that is semi reasonable is Chugger but availability is bad because of being made in China and shipping/customs etc. I refuse to pay March $150+ for a plastic body pump. Manufacture's cost for pump head is probably less than $5 in the volume they produce.

Frustrating that industry sees a niche market, i.e us home brewers and jacks prices.

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Nov 2009
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We buy March pumps wholesale by one of the lowest priced distributors i the U.S. We get hit with a shipping charge (the warehouse is 2 miles from us!!!!!) and the cost is the same as retail before tax. One way or another their gonna getcha!

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May 2011
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I just entered for their free giveaway contest!

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Any word on how these pumps work?
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Nov 2011
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They work fine. Same principle as March pumps, non-priming magnetically coupled high temp pump just a smaller DC pump . Output can be controlled with valve. 12VDC works best and they can be a little tricky to mount as there is no bracket.

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Oct 2010
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I hear that you can also get a variable DC controller to adjust the flow. Anyone been able to (or not) do this? I like the idea of electrically controlling the pump instead of restricting flow like a march pump does.

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