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Brewing Clamper
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Apr 2006
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How many of you use the Brew Session option on your software? Do you brew with your lappie next to you? Just curious as to your approach... Thanks.

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Aug 2006
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You mean for ProMash? Yeah, I use it every time. it's how I keep track of when something was brewed. It also automatically gives me all my strike temps & amounts, sparge amounts, evap numbers, all that stuff. I use it to automatically update my ingredient inventory, and keep track of when something was bottles, what its FG was, all that. For me, it's half the value of the program.

Sometimes I keep my lappie there if I haven't printed out my session sheets or if I want to amend a recipe on the fly and see what the numbers look like...but normally I just print stuff out. Splashing hot wort on a few sheets of paper is much better than on my $3000 laptop.
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Jan 2007
Calgary, Alberta
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Yep, I do the same thing with Beersmith on my laptop. Very handy, especially for keeping detailed notes, determining strike water/infusion temps, converting brix to SG units, etc. It is also handy for inventory purposes (although Beersmith has some glitches there).

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2nd Street Brewery
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May 2005
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I keep my laptop handy on brewday also. Brewsmith has been real helpful in calculating my strike and sparge temps and volumes. I agree with Flyguy on the inventory function, I wish it would keep better track automatically of when I use items.
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I don't have a laptop, nor do I want one. That would mean I have to carry it for work and I don't want to ever have to work for a company where I'm required to be shackled to a laptop! But that's just me.

I keep it opened on my home computer during brew sessions, just in case I need to run in and reference it.

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