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The dimensions on the BG14/Banjo/Blichmann (all the same burner) is approximately 11.25" across and the mounting points.

This burner is on the large side. You can get away with the 6" burner. We sell a shroud to fit the banjo burner and an adapter for the smaller burners.

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Mike M, How much H20 are you boiling at a time and how quick are you doing it? Just wondering how the 10 tip burners stack up to those massive 30-40 tip burners, i know people are plugging holes but more surface area,
Keggerator, how much was the bayou burner?

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Did you need to buy a needle valve? And if so, what size and where?

I'm looking to purchase this same one if possible.


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+1 on the Blichmann; have mine on the deck, hooked up to a gas line originally run for a gas grill. Brewed on it for the first time last Thursday, got up to boiling lickety-split and boiled off 1.5 gallons in an hour without the needle valve even all the way open.

I bought mine from Williams Brewing; much like Northern Brewer, they also sell an NG conversion kit with orifice and needle valve. They're a little more expensive, but their warehouse is like 15 miles from my house, so, even with cheap shipping, it gets there the next day.

I'd also second the poster who recommended buying the NG hose online -- took three brick-n'-mortar hardware stores and $50-something to track that part down in person.

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Originally Posted by Bookem15 View Post
He title says it all I am looking for natural gas burner as I do not like the idea of using propane. I have a furnace for my garage so I have the gas line right there. I have search but it seems most if not all are for propane. Anyone have any ideas? Also I would like to buy a ready to use unit just hook it up and go.


Just finished building my brew stand for my move to all-grain brewing. I was also looking for NG, as I already plumbed my garage when I installed a furnace last year. I ended up purchasing the ones listed below from They are 32-tip burners and I ended up closing up half of them in order to get the correct velocity for a nice blue flame. Located them four inches below my converted kegs. Have no problem running both at same time from 2 in line. A little over-kill, but the price was right. They heat water and anything else in no time. I love them.

GSW-WR-JBR32NG GSW-Jet-Burner-1-EA-WR-JBR32NG $37.46 2 $74.92

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