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Feb 2012
lee's summit, mo
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I am putting the finishing touches on my brew stand and I wanted to know if the metal I've used can stand up to the heat. I used aluminum for the metal bracket the supports the keg. The propane burner is also directly below and I am not positive the aluminum will hold up to the heat. What do you guys think? I included a picture so you guys can get a better look.

Also, it's a wood brew stand with the burner attached under the keg. Can I trust this thing to not go up in flames?

Click image for larger version

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Dec 2008
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I am far from an expert. However, I would at least install more of a heat shield on those surrounding 2x4s. A lot of the heat from the burner gets reflected outward once it hits your kettle.

That being said, looks like a very clean build! Got any more pics? Or do you have a thread on your build? I'm amassing the material for a wooden brewstand.

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Aug 2011
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I built something similar. I had to make a major alteration to keep it from burning up.

I would imagine your aluminum pieces above the burner, if strong enough to support the filled kettle, will transfer the heat to the wood very well and set it on fire.

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Feb 2012
lee's summit, mo
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More pics
Click image for larger version

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The aluminum is going to overheat and likely fail. At one time I had a makeshift stand using one of those many-angle type ladders and the whole thing failed badly once it got hot. ollllo was there. This was TUBULAR aluminum and you just have angle. Find some throwaway bedframes at least.
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Feb 2011
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Boy, I really don't think I would trust those pieces of aluminum to hold up a keggle while they're being subjected to intense heat.

If this were my build, I would buy some metal rebar, drill some holes in the 2x4's and thread the rebar through the holes. Some other guy built a setup like that on here. He said the rebar held up to the heat well - no bending. I image the wood holes got a bit singed from the heat, so that may still be a potential fire hazard.

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Oct 2010
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I agree with the bed frame - at the very least. Otherwise, you can get some mild steel angle iron for less than 20$ per six foot section at any of the big hardware stores.

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Jul 2011
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It doesn't appear that this setup will bear the weight of a full boil even at 5 gal size!? Plus the deflected heat will torch the sides, I think a redesign needs to be considered.

You might want to fill a kettle of water and with an assistant test the weight bearing ability first,
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Apr 2011
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steel melts around 2500F+, aluminum around 1200F; but steel gets soft around 1000 and aluminum gets workable (soft) around 500-700F depending on alloy. You'll easily hit those lower temperatures with propane.

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Jun 2011
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Is this a funeral pyre for Wort? I would suspect it will burn down the first time you use it. We built our stand from parts from Lowes and it works fine. We have the Bouyou classic burners with intergal stand.

Click image for larger version

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