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Angry!! I doubt people will read this but I'm going to vent to myself.

Rant and rave begin;

Why would they hire me for the site if they don't trust us to not steal from them!? Wtf people!? And now they are trying to blame me for a vandalism that I've tried to tell them would happen for a few days!! This is ridiculous! Go ahead and remove me from the site, you don't know I am one of the few high speed guards there! Safety hazards on this day, broken locks on this day, and now it's my fault?? Ok, way to think it through why would I steal from a hotel that I'm trying to guard, I enjoy having a job, i enjoy doing security work,I don't need to steal! Grr! My brew needs to be done so I can focus on something else! Fishing helped me today until the upper boss was telling me all the trash the client was talking about me a few minutes ago! Ugh!!

End of log, captain signing off.

( I didn't realize I posted a swear word until I posed it. I changed the word sorry hbt caught up in the anger vision. )
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That's ok. When you type a swear word it turns out like this **** or this **** or this ****.
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