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I have seen many good components come up in build threads. People are always recommending one thing or another but everything is scattered around in so many threads that it can be hard to find what you are looking for at times.

I was thinking that it may be helpful if we all make our recommendations in one place.

Link a site or a particular part that you thought was good quality/value.

To start off, I've been happy with this site:


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The cheapest source I could find for a 30A DP GFI breaker was http://www.zorotools.com/.

They shipped very quickly, and the breaker was clearly new and not a fake. They beat the best price I could find locally from wholesalers that require an account by $40.


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This ebay vendor has a good deal on 10/3 SOOW pigtails that are 9' long that comes with a 30A twist lock already on it for $17 - perfect for heating elements, and cheaper made than the seperate parts. I got 2, and they're good quality.

"9' Line Cord With Marinco L6-30 Loocking Plug 30Amp 250Volt 10/3 Soow Cord New"

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...8558&ssPageNam e=ADME:L:OU:US:1123

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Here is where I got the main components in my system. All items purchased within the last two months:

Selector switches: eBay user "jamesbondtb"
Pushbutton switches: http://www.auberins.com
Contactors: eBay user "hvacus"
PIDs: eBay user "2easy8"
Timer: eBay user "skiesmall360"
Alarm: eBay user "coolcheapworld"
PT100 RTDs: eBay user "procon-products"

And then, as a special note I would like to add that these: http://www.wago.us/products/2635.htm made for very easy splices in my control panel build, minimizing the amount of wire I would have otherwise run. I found them at Menard's, a local hardware store.
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5500W Ripple Element: http://www.ronshomeandhardware.com/2...t-p/808790.htm
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good prices on 3-way ball valves...


cheapest S.Steel motorized ball valves ive found, plus some other electronic goodies...


good power cord and plug/receptical site...


camlock fittings (this is where all the brewing sites buy em from)


for ~$15 RTD probes of various legnth, S.steel jacketed, 1/4" MNPT
search "pt100" on grainger.com; they are listed as "air handling temp probes" but they work great for other things too

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Originally Posted by audger View Post
good prices on 3-way ball valves...
like those 3 way ball valves... freakin' sweet.

For control panel gear in general this seller has a great deal (free shipping on all the 22mm lights and other h/w when you buy an enclosure). Drastically reduces the cost on the little extras ($3.99 per pilot light) which usually cost closer to $18 a pop. (this is the seller, but you have to buy an enclosure of any size to get this deal)
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One thing to always consider is Amazon and the Amazon Prime. Prime is $70.00 a year but if you order as much merchandise as my family and I do from them that goes very quickly. If you are a member you can put members of your family on there and they get the same benefits.

What I am getting at is that it is wise to check the price of a part from where ever you find against what you'd pay for it with Prime at Amazon. If it's a Prime item you WILL get it in two days.

Locking Power Cords is a good one.

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Can we Sticky this thread?Id hate to not be able to find it in a month or so.

I'v all ready found two great additions to my brewery I though I could not afford by looking through this thread. Digital flow meter $69, and three way valvs 3 for 130 shipped! Thanks guys.

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Originally Posted by Bsquared View Post
Can we Sticky this thread?Id hate to not be able to find it in a month or so.

I'v all ready found two great additions to my brewery I though I could not afford by looking through this thread. Digital flow meter $69, and three way valvs 3 for 130 shipped! Thanks guys.
I agree, please sticky

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