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Jan 2012
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Doing some R&D trying to figure out what everyone likes most about there local homebrew stores. We try and offer up our knowledge, warm welcomes, and the best stock of supplies we can afford to carry, but sometimes that just isn't enough. What is that "extra mile" that YOUR LHBS offers to you?



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Feb 2012
Livermore, CA - California
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I appreciate that the store I use brews in the back on Saturdays and everyone is welcome to come and watch, help out, get some helpful hints and advice. Builds confidence in a NB to watch some one who knows what they are doing.

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Mar 2008
london, on
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I love my girl at my local. She knows me by face, name, if i call in an order, e-mail address, etc. And I've only been going to her for maybe a couple of yrs now.
Also I love the fact that she knows the styles I like, which is everything, but she at least can point me in the right direction.
Also if she is running low on the hard to find items she'll put somethings aside, like hops, yeast, for me. Kind of like under the counter sort of thing,lol
which I do appreciate, aslo the tutorials monthly, where she'll brew up some abstract Frankenstien type thing and let you "sample" when ready.

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Dec 2011
Marietta, Georgia
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What you are doing is what I like--share knowledge, chat about beers, offer advice on a new ingredient or a substitute. If I just wanted stuff, I could order it anywhere. I like the personal interaction.

Off-topic, I see that in addition to me, we now have a DirtyOldDuck and a Duckbrew. Strange duck theme going on here lately. Hey, Duckbrew, you aren't a lawyer are you? Because the other two of us are, and that would be weird.

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May 2011
Omaha, NE
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Don't have any, mine suck. I go through Norther Brewer or Midwest for everything. You want to be successful, don't suck.
Homebrewers Local 402


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Jun 2008
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Originally Posted by Schemy View Post
... You want to be successful, don't suck.
That's not good advice for a prostitute...
BEER - Brew Enjoy Empty Repeat

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Jun 2011
Minnetonka, Minnesota
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Here is a list of things I enjoy at my LHBS
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff!
  • Have everything clearly displayed
  • Well stocked
  • Organized store by similar items
  • Keep all inventory of hops and yeast out in glass door refrigerators
  • Large grain room with multiple scales and mills
  • Large aisles with enough room for 2 carts to pass each other

I also like it when I go up to the cashier and they can guess what style of beer I'm making by the ingredients purchased. I think of it as a game, Try and stomp the cashier!

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Mar 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
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When I pop in to my LHBS with my 9 month old daughter, they'll bag up the specialty grain for me or carry the sack of base malt to my car. Makes it very easy. Also, I've spent enough money there to qualify for the lifetime 10% off everything (except Blichmann).
For Science!

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Dec 2010
Beaverton, OR
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I'd suggest having free beer n tap (beer you brewed on premises) and guest tap from your customers. Having these samples available draws customers and give customers a visual ad taste to go with the recipe they choose from your library of recipes. For those of us who formulate our own recipes it gives us an added bonus for coming in to the homebrew shop. (usually leaving with something in hand)

Also, taking the approach that this is how we suggest brewing, but you can do it many ways... is always best. I used to go to a homebrew shop that was very set in their ways and would be combative if you suggested anything other than how they recommended.

lastly, CHEAP... My LHBS is 40-50% cheaper than any other shop locally. I know they buy a lot in BULK and thus they have a ton of stuff. It is pretty hard and expensive to have a lot of inventory, but if your customers know they don't ever have to go anywhere else for anything, you have automated client retention. good luck to you and applaud you for doing market research.

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Jun 2011
Minnetonka, Minnesota
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One more thing...

Have a kick @$$ user friendly website!

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