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Feb 2012
Durham, North Carolina
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So I just went by the LHBS to pick up ingredients for my 2nd ever batch. My Dad is a big fan of Allagash White, and his birthday is in eight weeks, so I thought I'd make him something using a modified Allagash recipe.

Clone recipe called for:

6.6 lbs LME 40% wheat/60% barley
.75 oz Saaz (60)
.75 oz Tettnang (60)
.25 oz Saaz (flameout)
.25 tsp crushed coriander (flameout)
.25 tsp orange peel (flameout)
pinch cinnamon or ginger or pepper (flameout)
a host of yeast choices

LHBS didn't have a couple of the things, and since kumquats are in season, I decided to omit the orange peel and add some of those to primary (yes, I know it's a cliche beginner thing to do, but it's also one of the easier things to play around with while still brewing extracts). So here's the planned actual recipe with substitutions:

3.3 lbs LME pilsen/light
3.3 lbs LME Muntons Wheat (55% wheat/45% barley)
.75 oz Hallertauer 3.9% (60)
.75 oz Tettnang 3.9% (60)
.25 oz Hallertauer 3.9% (flameout)
.25 tsp crushed coriander (flameout)
pinch cinnamon (flameout)
dash ginger (flameout)
Wyeast 3944 smackpack (Belgian Wit)
1 lb kumquats to primary (7 days)

I was never expecting to make something that tastes exactly like Allagash White (or else I would've stuck with orange peel), but I'm still new at this and don't really know what the modifications will do. Kinda what to know what I'll be looking for. It looks to me like the wheat/barley balance is skewed a little too far in favor of barley (72.5/28.5 instead of 60/40), and the LHBS threw in Hallertauer because they were out of saaz. And obviously the kumquats are my own addition. I wasn't sure how much to add. The goal is enough to get the citrus character but not enough to just make this a fruit beer--I want a wit with some kumquat flavor, not a kumquat beer with a wit base.

Can anybody give me an idea of what I'll be looking at with the new recipe? Does it sound tasty, or should I make further modifications before brewing (which is planned for Saturday)?

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Jan 2012
Belgrade, MT
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I am only on my 7th brew ever, but I'd say it looks like it will be delicious!

You could compare notes with my current brew, a kind of spin off of a blue moon clone. Mine is on day 6 and smells/tastes awesome. Cheers!

Extract/Wort: 6 lbs Wheat DME (Brew Craft brand – pkg didn't say the ratio)
Volume: 5 gal
Grains: 1 lb Flaked Wheat and lb Crystal 60L
Hops: oz Amarillo and 1 oz Saaz
Yeast: Safale US-05
Other Flavoring: Zest of 1 orange & 2 tbs crushed coriander
Fining Agents: 1 tsp Irish moss
Priming Sugar: cup corn sugar
OG: 1058 (Not sure how it got this high, but it did! I took several readings to verify it.)
FG: ??
ABV: ??

1) Heat 1 3/4 gal of water to 155 F.
3) Put the grains (in a bag) in the water.
4) Turn off heat, cover, and let steep for 30 min.
5) Remove and drain grain bag completely.
6) Stir in 2 lbs malt extract and bring to a boil. (I have to add most at the end to avoid buring cause my water to sugar ratio is bad due to a small pot)
7) Add Amarillo hops and set timer for 60 min.
8) At 15 min remaining, add the zest, 1 tbs crushed coriander, Saaz hops, and Irish moss.
9) At 10 min remaining, add the rest of the extract and wort chiller.
10) At 1 min remaining, add rest of coriander and zest.
11) At flame out, remove and drain hop bags.
12) Turn water on wort chiller to cool wort.
13) Add wort to fermenter.
14) Fill with water to 4 gallons.
15) Aerate for 3 min.
16) Pitch yeast
17) Top off to 5 gal and read OG.
18) Move downstairs, set on a plastic tray, and wrap in a wet T shirt. Add ice cubes to tray/on top fermenter. This kept me out of the 70s (approx. 64-68 as i had to keep adding ice).
19) I will go 1 week longer after hitting FG. It's day 6 today and SG is at 1010, but there's still foam on top. I'll check SG tomorrow again to see if it's changed.
20) Bottling day, boil priming sugar in a pint of water for 10 min and prime.
21) Wait 20 minutes. If necessary, then scoop out coriander floaters. (Oops! Maybe should have put them in a bag...)
22) Bottle and let sit for 3 weeks at room temp.
23) Chill and drink!

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Apr 2011
Dallastown, Pennsylvania
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Hallertauer hops should be a good substitute. I use them in my hefeweizen. If you have 8 weeks, I would try to get your hands on the wheat extract balance you want...maybe go online. Wheat beers don't typically take that long anyway. The hefeweizen I am enjoying right now took 3 weeks from grain to glass.

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Feb 2012
Durham, North Carolina
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I could probably just go back to the LHBS and exchange the 3.3 pale/pils LME for another 3.3 of Muntons Wheat if I wanted to. I think the original recipe was just worded poorly and the guy got crossed up. That would put the ratio in more of a hefe range (slightly tilted towards wheat instead of moderately tilted towards barley). But I'm also new to this and curious about what different combinations will taste like. If what I have will be good, I'd be inclined to roll with it, even if it isn't exactly what the recipe called for. Dad is certainly not a beer snob; I just started with something I knew he really liked and figured I'd work from there.

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