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Old 03-20-2012, 11:47 PM   #1
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Mar 2012
Limerick, Ireland
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As you may have spotted from earlier posts I am having major storage problems with my brews.
I have to move away from bottling because I have no more bottles left. I am pissing around with a keg I made today just so I can get a brew in to it (I was intending on making 10 if that one worked out). But really, I need a keezer or a kegerator, I know that. I am sick of drinking warm beer anyway.
I don't want to re ask questions that have been already asked here a million times, but I just want a few pointers/basics so I can go fridge hunting and purchasing tomorrow, or freezer hunting.
From looking at all the kegerators on the "Show us your...." thread, I gather Keezers are much easier make than Kegerators?
If this is the case I will want to go down the road of a Keezer, also I want to be able get a nice few taps on it (4 or 5),
I know I can get the bits and bobs from candirect. But any pointers on finding out what bits and bobs I may require?
Also can you tell me do you guys condition your beer in your kegerators? Also another dull persons question, can standard pub barrels ever find use in a home brew setting? I have access to these.
Please don't take insult at the basic-ness of my questions, it is just so hard droving through countless threads to get the answers to these questions.

Kind Regards,


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Old 03-21-2012, 12:35 AM   #2
Mar 2010
milford, ma
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A chest freezer is generally easier, cheaper and most flexible for a build.
For taps, any taps will do, most prefer forward-seal taps from Perlick. 525s is popular
You will also need a shank, a beer nut for the shank to attach your beer line, 10' of 3/16" I.D. beer beer line for each tap, a whole Co2 rig, thats tank, regulator, gas tubing, a manifold of some sort if you are going with 4-5 kegs, you'll need the disconnects to match yr keg type and assorted fittings to go from keg to tap and from manifold to keg and so on.
You'll want a temp controller of some sort to convert the freezer to beer temps.
Most of the online suppliers offer starter kits that have a number of these components priced as a set, I don't know about shipping to Ireland tho.

You can condition in kegs and keezers.

Standard pub kegs, they can be difficult to fill, sanitize, clean, etc in a home setting... But if you wanted to have filled pub kegs on draft that's relatively easy, just requires a different keg adapter.

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Old 03-21-2012, 05:06 AM   #3
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Aug 2011
Tucson, Arizona
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I just finished my Kegerator, and it could not have been easier.

I bought on Craig's list a bottom freezer refrigerator. I wanted a bottom freezer, because this puts the fridge on top, now all my taps are at eye level, and not waist level.

Since I too am completely new to kegging, I thought it better to buy a compete set, rather than try and figure out all the bits and pieces, then pay for more shipping to get the right ones.

I bought a three tap system from Keg Connection. All the major components came per-assembled. $7.95 flat rate shipping (even if you buy the kegs). I could not have been more pleased.

Now drilling through the door for you taps is no problem, but I needed my taps out of the side. There is a lot of concern about refrigerant lines being in the side of a fridg, but all my lines are underneath so this was not a problem. Even still, I did small holes first, then poked and prodded before drilling the shank holes.

The bottom freezer can now be used for making ice for my CFC wort chiller, I live in Arizona where there is no such thing as cold tap water.
Northfarthing Brewery
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Old 03-21-2012, 10:09 AM   #4
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Mar 2012
Limerick, Ireland
Posts: 59

Fantastic replies. This will get me started, I will use the "Show us your Kegarator" for ideas on customizing, and the "Sizing your chest freezer" one for.... sizing my chest freezer. Can you guys let me know where one buys these starter kits? I am concerned American fittings might be totally different over here, but I guess the only one that matters is the bottle fitting?, I know this kind of stuff can be got from candirect. I didn't want to post a full link because I don't know if that is allowed here.

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