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Originally Posted by bobjohnson View Post
Did you put anything on the inside under the air vent to capture the over pours and drips? I know you could just leave it to run through the vent into the brute can, but the beer would end up on top of the kegs and regulator. Maybe rig a way to hang a plastic grocery bag from the under part?

Also... we're you able to fit a co2 tank in there? You mentioned in the OP that you thought it would fit but hadn't tried it yet.
I tested the drip tray under a dripping sink faucet and in the "closed" position it actually holds drips pretty well. Just to be safe I am going to sit a long, shallow tupperware container on top of the keg directly under the drip tray to catch any drops that make it through.

I took advantage of Keg Connection's "final four" sale and picked up a 4lb co2 tank and 2 new to me kegs. The tank is the perfect size for this application and was a great price. I'm pretty sure that this is the same diameter as a 2.5lb tank, so that size should work too.... but don't quote me on that. A 5lb tank definitely will not work.

Test fit with 3 cornies, the 4lb tank and regulator. Just need to plumb it now!

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Got any updates to this? I have a party in 2 weeks and was thinking of putting one of these together for it. Interested to see how the skirt ended up looking. Any advice or suggestions for someone trying this?

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this is pretty sweet! I have my keezer in the garage and on wheels but if I ever have to take brew on the road this seems like a great DYI! awesome job!

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That is definitely a sweet idea! I see myself shamelessly copying that in the future. Great job/idea!
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Your woodworking is to be commended. Bravo!

But my left eye keeps twitching looking at the pics... its like setting a $4000 gold light fixture in a $500 pop-up camper... spray paint the can or something man LOL.

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Well done sir... Looks great... I did something similar, although I went with a square garbage can with wheels... There is a thread with a pic here somewhere...
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No pics, right now, but I stole your design to serve three beers at a wedding, yesterday.

I mounted my four secondary regulators on the lid. Flip it up and make all the adjustments needed.

I stained mine Cabernet. It turned out ok, but I ran short on time and had to ride the finishing.

I sprayed the inside with a rubber coating.

The glued wood was based to work with. E extremely soft wood. while transporting it home, the round broke where it was cut out for the floor vent...aka drip pan. It was also difficult to get it too sit properly with all the keg lines. Not much clearance.

As for covering the can, I wrapped a white cloth shower curtain around the can before sitting the Krute on it.

Great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.
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Jun 2012
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Thanks for the great idea regarding the Krute. I took your serving tower concept and built something with 2 taps that worked for the table-top approach at my son's wedding. I was half tempted to see if you would rent me yours, as you're not that far from me. In the end I decided to slap together something on my own. Got it done in 3 days. Here's my blog with pics for anyone interested. Thanks for your idea.

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It sounds like you might be a guy with some scrap wood around...

To dress up the can you could get some planks and put them around like the staves of a barrel. To hold them in place you could use construction adhesive, or some flat iron bar stock, bent around and bolted in place. (bend the ends of the stock out from the can about an inch, drill holes in the center of the "tabs" and then pass some threaded rod through to draw them together). This will give it the appearance of a barrel. Depending on the thickness of the stock you may not even need to shape/bevel the pieces.

I have done this with my plastic rain barrel and it looks pretty good. Otherwise your build is great!

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