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Aug 2011
Kingman, Az
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I've done a couple ag batches now in my gravity keggle setup, and with setup brewing and cleanup it takes me about 7-8 hours total. Am I super slow? Or is thus about average? Not that I'm in a rush I relax and enjoy myself, but I'm just curious.

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Aug 2011
Quantico, Virginia
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I am AG with a cooler mash tun and IC. I heat my water on the stove and boil on propane. I usually take 4.5 hrs from when I start heating water to cleanup.

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Jan 2011
Auburn, Alabama
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I average 4.5-5 hours from the start of cleaning equipment to sitting on the couch with my feet up. What helps the most is to clean as I go during the gaps with mashing and boiling.

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Apr 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
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I'm AG, igloo MLT, 1 propane burner, batch sparge and I go about 6-7 hours from stepping foot in the garage to cleaned up and everything put back.

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Feb 2011
Robards, Kentucky
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If I'm having an "on" day then from weighing grain to cleaning the last item takes me 3.5 hours. I have an all grain setup but nothing fancy. I have a turkey fryer propane burner and all of my starting water is heated to 150 with the hot water heater. Having the water started at 150 saves a bunch of time.

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I've done 3 batches in 9 hrs. When one was boiling one was mashing. Ran around like a nut case tho. Not relaxing at all.

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Apr 2009
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5 hours for a 10g batch, including cleanup. I have an advantage in being all electric and brewing outdoors, where I can clean up with hose which makes quick work of it.
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Jul 2010
Tomball, TX
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It takes as long as it takes. I definitely don't try to rush it. I try to make it a relaxing thing and not a 'job' per se. I think I'm right around 5-6 hours for a 10 gallon batch.

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Feb 2011
Kokomo, IN
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You'll keep getting faster as you go. I've found that doing prep work the night before really helps shave time off and makes brew day less hectic. I get my grain crushed, fermenters sanitized, and all my water measured out and ready to go so that when I wake up all I have to do is flame on and get to it.
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Apr 2011
St. Louis, Missouri
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It always seems to take me 5 hrs even. This includes the moment I start getting the equipment out of the basement, to the time where I put everything back after cleaning. I 5 gallon batch-sparge.

When I first started AG, I sparged too much and had to boil off volume before the 60-min boil. Back then, it took more like 6 to 7 hrs.

Oh, and I've done one decoction, it was on the Eve before Christmas Eve. I started at 10 AM and finished about 6 PM. My doppelbock has been lagering for a few months now...not sure how much longer I can wait for it!

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