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Sep 2010
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Brewing an IPA with Citra hops. After the primary I was thinking of halving it into two 3 gallon secondaries. I've decided one will be dry hopped and the other, well... it's gonna get one or the other: Apricots or Peaches.

Recipe (5 gallons)
9# Pale Malt 2 Row
3.5# Pilsner
3# Munich
1# Crystal 120
1.5 oz Citra 60 mins
1 oz Citra 30 mins
1 oz Citra 10 mins
Dryhop half with 1 oz Citra 7 days before bottling.
Wyeast 1056

Estimated outcome.
OG 1.086
FG 1.017
IBU 82.5
SRM 15.1
Bitterness Ratio 0.961
ABV 9.2

This will be my first beer that ventures into the creativity of home brewing. Most of my brews, until now, have been fairly textbook. Now that I'm more confident with brewing its time to branch out.

Its been a few weeks since I've tasted citra hops and can't fully remember it other than absolutely loving the fruity flavors. So that's where I'm hoping to get someone else's opinion. I've read another post about peaches working out well and I may just roll that way. Has anyone brewed with/drank citra hops recently that would agree apricots would be a viable choice?

Another question: Does 1 pound of Crystal 120 sound unreasonable to anyone else? It is a 16.5 pound grain bill so I figured it'll balance out. I'm still looking for a redish color and Beersmith is saying that it'll turn out red.

Thanks for the help!

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Jan 2011
Littleton, Colorado
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Wow - BIG beer! Here are my thoughts, please take them with a grain of salt:

1.) I think you need more hops - you are making a GIANT beer, you'll need hops to balance it out.
2.) I would prefer apricot in this style because they are more tart than peaches and I also think that citra would be more complimentary to apricots.
3.) a pound of 120 does seem like a lot - I would do .5# 120 and .5# 40/60/75.
4.) Here's an awesome trick for *red* color - add 1-2 oz of chocolate malt. It will be enough for color, but not flavor.
5.) I'm not sure about having pilsner, 2 row, and munich. I try to stick to 2 base malts at most when creating a new recipe.

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1. I think you are within the IBU range for an IPA, and probably on the lower end of the range for an IIPA
2. I would also say Apricot for your fruit, Peach is just too subtle in beer IMO
3. 1 lb of 120 does seem like a lot, but it represents only 6% of your grain bill, so I think you are okay on that front, if that's what you are shooting for.
4. Instead of adding chocolate, you can sub the pils for Maris Otter, and perhaps add a bit of biscuit/victory, however your color is within range as well.

Other than the large addition of 120 everything seems okay IMO, you could up the hops a touch, but with your dry hop addition I think you will be fine.

Bear in mind, I do not know the AA% of your hops or your Mash/Brew House efficiencies, so this is my best guess. Plus this is on my system, so your loss amounts, and total water volumes will likely vary. I had reset my mash eff. to 75% for you, but I normally get about 85% mash eff. and 79% total brewhouse eff.

I don't know what brewing software you are using, or if you are, but here is what BS2.0 come up with:

Style: American IPA
TYPE: All Grain
Taste: (30.0)

Recipe Specifications
Boil Size: 7.83 gal
Post Boil Volume: 6.50 gal
Batch Size (fermenter): 5.25 gal
Bottling Volume: 5.25 gal
Estimated OG: 1.086 SG
Estimated Color: 13.7 SRM
Estimated IBU: 65.6 IBUs
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 %
Est Mash Efficiency: 89.3 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Amt Name Type # %/IBU
9 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 1 54.5 %
3 lbs 8.0 oz Pilsen Malt 2-Row (Briess) (1.0 SRM) Grain 2 21.2 %
3 lbs Munich (Dingemans) (5.5 SRM) Grain 3 18.2 %
1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L (120.0 SRM) Grain 4 6.1 %
1.00 oz Citra [12.00 %] - Boil 60.0 min Hop 5 30.8 IBUs
1.00 oz Citra [12.00 %] - Boil 30.0 min Hop 6 23.7 IBUs
1.00 oz Citra [12.00 %] - Boil 10.0 min Hop 7 11.2 IBUs
1.00 oz Citra [12.00 %] - Dry Hop 7.0 Days Hop 8 0.0 IBUs

Mash Schedule: Single Infusion, Medium Body, Batch Sparge
Total Grain Weight: 16 lbs 8.0 oz
Name Description Step Temperat Step Time
Mash In Add 20.75 qt of water at 163.6 F 152.0 F 60 min

Sparge: Batch sparge with 3 steps (Drain mash tun, , 2.33gal, 2.33gal) of 168.0 F water
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Old 03-16-2012, 09:50 PM   #4
Sep 2010
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After I posted it I was feeling somewhat the same way about the 3 malts. The pilsner was somewhat of a side thought. I've never brewed with it before. I was thinking for base malts:

12.25# 2 Row
3 # Munich

I'll rethink the 120 as well. It may take a day or two for me to settle on the rest of the malt bill. Victory malt may make an appearance as suggested.

For the hops:

2oz 60 min (12 AA assumed until they're in my hand I can always adjust later)
1.5 30 min
1 10 min

It brings the IBU up to 110 and the Bitterness Ratio up to 1.297 (I use BeerSmith2, but its on a different computer without current internet access). That brings it to the higher end of the style. I was thinking that since one secondary is getting the apricot, dryhop won't be necessary if its at the higher end. Any other thoughts on hops?

Also, I'll be using 1.5 pounds of apricot since its a split batch. It seems others have used around 3 pounds per batch.

Thanks for the input so far. It has been very much appreciated.

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Old 03-17-2012, 02:17 AM   #5
Jan 2011
Rocky Hill, CT
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Just my .02 but I would use different bittering hops. Citra is an amazing flavor/aroma/dry hop. Using it at 60min just for alpha acids kind of seems like a waste to me. In the end it doesnt really matter because u have he IBUs you want, but the more citra towards the end of the boil the better!

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Old 03-17-2012, 02:20 AM   #6
Jan 2011
Rocky Hill, CT
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Also my vote is for the apricots!

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Old 03-17-2012, 06:09 AM   #7
Apr 2008
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My vote is to wait 'till the fruit is in season....

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Old 03-17-2012, 06:39 AM   #8
Feb 2012
Posts: 29 thats an idea I'm gonna have to steal!

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Old 03-17-2012, 03:28 PM   #9
Mar 2012
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centennial for bittering hop and citra after that would be much better i think

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Old 03-17-2012, 03:29 PM   #10
Mar 2012
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and why not apricot puree in the mash?

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