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Feb 2012
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I rarely take gravity readings from the carboy. With an adequate starter and healthy fermentation, I just don't see the benefit of risking contamination and wasting beer. I take a sample for FG when I rack to bottling bucket. A while back I had weak ferment with some english ale yeast, which led me to break out the old wine thief.
On big beers, I add adjunct sugars directly to the carboy once maltose fermentation is finishing so I don't worry about attenuation and thus don't bother with gravity readings in the carboy.

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I do what Revvy does.

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50 ml pipette and a squeeze bulb.
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Mar 2012
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Thanks for all the responses....

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Originally Posted by Revvy
Some folks like a wine thief, but I found that it dribbled just a much if not more than a turkey baster.
I do t recommend the thief pictured here. I have gone through 2 auto-siphon caps getting stuck inside when I drew samples. Trashed it, bought a turkey Baster.

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Happened to me as well. Brain fart. I cut the end off with a hacksaw... gently, and jimmied the cap out... Good to go!
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This is going to sound really bad, but I completely ignore my final gravity until it comes time to bottle.

I leave my beer on the yeast for a minimum of 4 weeks, except for when I'm dry hopping, in which case I pull it off the yeast after 3 weeks. I figure that, if the terminal gravity isn't what it was supposed to be after a month, there isn't anything I can do to fix it.

Some caveats here. I don't underpitch, I control my fermentation temps, and I give the yeast plenty of time to do their business. I have never had problems with bottle bombs or a stuck fermentation. Also, I'm really thoughtful about the yeast strain that I use and I pitch the appropriate amount of yeast. I'm convinced that most homebrewers chronically underpitch, particularly new brewers.

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Turkey baster wetted with star-san and tube my hydrometer came in (Skeeter Pee pictured ). Takes less than half a cup. I do essentially the same as gmcastil, 4 weeks on yeast and take my FG before adding priming sugar.
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Mar 2012
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thiefs work great in carboys and deep buckets.

5 gallons in a bucket, I'd just float a hydrometer in it directly.
It's what I do with open must buckets.

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