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If you really plan to harvest them I wouldn't do it on a lattice, it will be a pain. Most people use thick twine that you can cut down at harvest time. The vines die off every year and you'll be left with a bunch of twisted up vines in the lattice that will be tedious to remove every year.
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Im on my 3rd year hop garden this year and live in North County San Diego. I planted (ryzomes in the ground) 4 Hop verieties in my brothers garden: Gallena, Nugget, Magnum and Fuggles. Based on what I read (and im not an arborist or anything) I planted them in full sunlight, tied a soart of "hemp style" twine up to a 15-20' telephone pole and asked my bro to drench them once a day. I fertelized using a Bio-solid organic fertelizer that I make at work, then just let them be. I wish I had taken notes on what else I did, but thats all I can remember. The first year harvest was awesome! All of the bines broke 6' and i got collectevly about 2 ziplock sandwitch-bag-fulls. Awesome considering I wasnt expecting anything the first year, plus my boss/friend planted 3 or so verieties in buckets and didnt get more than a 1/4 bag-full.
That year though I battled BIRDS!!! Every week I would visit my "babies" and the twine would be torn down! I thought it was the dogs, cats, or squirrels untill a birds nest of twine blew onto the driveway one day. After that I switched to heavy duty, neon colored, nylon, construction line and the bines dont even notice the change.
The next year was fairly uneventfull. But the hops that did best were the Galena and Nugget. The magnum looked sad and the Fuggles looked like the first year. I was out of town and picked late in the season but I got close to 1/2 a 5 gallon bucket.
This third year I bought some property in Fallbrook (North County San Diego) so I wanted to transplant the root balls. I cut the bines back to about a foot the last year. Last week I went to dig them up and the Galena was the only root ball that looked healthy. The Nugget might survive, but the Magnum and the Fuggles were completly rotted with white hairs and small worms coming out of the roots. This might be because of all the rain and cold weather we have been having this year.
I planted the "remains" in 12" tall piles after tilling and adding more fertelizer as per more internet reading to help with draining and avoid more rot. We will see how this next year will go. I also tried using nitrogen fertelizer, same stuff I used for grass, and the hops seemed to like it. I overdid it on one and it lost most of its leavs last year. LOL.
Sorry this may be hard to read, Im kinda flying through it. Hope some of the info helps!

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Originally Posted by brewerelated View Post
Do you guys think Glacier will grow well in Southern California? Hopefully my LHBS will stock some Glacier. I am interested in growing that variety. I don't have very much room to grow hops, so I am thinking of buying 1 or 2 rhizomes max. I was thinking maybe Glacier and Centennial or maybe Chinook.

I might buy one Rhizome and try to take cuttings from the extra bines that grow. I hope to trade the cuttings for cuttings of other varieties or Rhizomes from other varieties.
I have grown Glacier for two harvests so far in the San Fernando Valley. It is hearty and gives good yields. It seems to need more sun than other varieties so plant it in open sun with a minimum of shade being cast onto it.

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Originally Posted by Devils_Chariot View Post
I have grown Glacier for two harvests so far in the San Fernando Valley. It is hearty and gives good yields. It seems to need more sun than other varieties so plant it in open sun with a minimum of shade being cast onto it.
Thanks for the information about Glacier. I am debating right now between growing Glacier or growing Centennial. I have Centennial on order right now, but I might consider getting Glacier if I can find more space. I may only be able to get 2 maybe 3 spots to grow hops in.

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Last year (first year) in Santa Clarita, my cascades dominated, second was nugget. Chinook started strong and pretty much stopped when the temps got over 90 every day and never started again. Those three plants seemed to thrive up until the end of July. Centennial was the worst not counting the fuggles that I killed. So at least grow one cascade if you want some success.

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