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Recipe Type: All Grain    Yeast: Red Star Champagne    Batch Size (Gallons): 1    Original Gravity: 1.100    Final Gravity: 1.006    Boiling Time (Minutes): 10    Color: Dark Red    Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 20 Days    Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 20Days    Tasting Notes: Wine-like, Definate mead overtones, Great Winey Nose   
2lbs Honey
.5 pound fresh wild Mulberries
1/4 tsp Pectic Enzyme
1 Packet Red Star Champagne

Boil a couple cups of water and place your mulberries in there for about a minute or 2 to sanatize. honey and water to 1 gallon and boil for about 10 minutes mashing the berries. (use an emulsifier if you want). cover and let cool completely. transfer to Glass carboy and ad pectic enzyme. let sit for 24 hours then add yeast. after 20 days, rack off lees through a tea strainer to remove any berries. and let ferment untill clear (about 20 days) and either rack again or you can bottle. Great After about 8 months. my 1st batch didnt have any pectic enzyme and you could tell, the mouth feel was thick and unpleasurable but the taste was spectacular.

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